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Adapting your home for Parkinson's Disease

Adapt Your Home for Parkinson’s

  • In: Health | 1st February, 2021
We look at some of the basic home improvements you can make for people living with Parkinson's Disease.
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How to talk to older relatives about making their home safer

There are taboo subjects in most families: money, politics, religion, but also… ageing. In fact, most of us would actively…
bathroom tech

8 innovative bathroom technologies

Giving our homes a smart makeover has become a key focus for many as we look toward future-proofing. Whether it’s…
What smartphones are elderly-friendly?

What smartphones are elderly-friendly?

New technologies are released at lightning speeds, meaning it can be difficult to keep up and know which phone is…

How to spot early signs of arthritis

  • In: Health | 3rd December, 2020
With age comes many benefits for us. We learn perspective and appreciation for the things around us, while we also…
Netflix shows

Great Netflix shows for older viewers

There’s no better pastime than getting cosy on the sofa, and indulging in some great TV shows. So here’s a…

What are the benefits of a walk-in bath with lift?

3 reasons why our walk-in baths with lifts are a fantastic idea for your bathroom.

5 Simple Hip Exercises to Help in Old Age

As we grow older, it’s important to recognise that we must look after our bodies and any ‘problem areas’ that…

5 insightful books on dementia you should read

  • In: Health | 24th September, 2020
Living with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other associated forms of memory loss can be a challenging and extremely overwhelming time.…
elderly hygiene

Importance of hygiene care for the elderly

  • In: Health | 10th August, 2020
Maintaining a good level of hygiene is important for all of us, at any age. It ties into health issues…