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Thermostatic showers: what are they, and how do they work?


As the leaders in the UK market for easy-access showers and walk-in baths, you are in safe hands with our expert fitters and trusted advisors. Here at Premier Care in Bathing, we are committed to providing our customers with luxury options for walk-in baths and showers, carefully designed to ensure your every need is catered for.  

We provide solutions tailored to your individual needs regarding accessibility and relaxation. Regardless of your requirements, we strive to meet your needs and bring joy back into your bathing experience so that you can feel safe, confident, and comfortable in your bathroom again.  

Many changes can be made in your current bathroom to make your bathing experience safer and more pleasurable. Whether you are looking to redesign the entire space or add features to enhance your experience, we will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.  

Installing a thermostatic shower is widely considered one of the most straightforward yet beneficial changes you can make to your current bathroom, but what is a thermostatic shower?  

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  1. What is a Thermostatic Shower?
  2. How does it work, and what are the applications within a bathroom?
  3. Why should you use a Thermostatic Shower?
  4. Best Thermostatic Showers?
  5. How can Premier Care in Bathing help?


What is a Thermostatic Shower? 

Simply put, a thermostatic shower gives you a controlled shower temperature. You can pre-set your desired shower temperature, and the thermostat controls to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the experience.  

Installation of a special shower valve which features an anti-scald guard and controls water flow helps to prevent unintentional mishaps. This feature is a valued bathroom upgrade that benefits all household members, including older and younger family members.  

As a necessary part of our daily routine, we strive to enjoy and take pleasure from our shower time. But aside from this, the shower experience must first be safe. Prioritising safety is what demands the installation of a thermostatically regulated shower. But how do thermostatic showers work? Continue reading to find out.  

How does it work, and what are the applications within a bathroom? 

The shower mixer thermostat has a valve that assesses the water stream and adjusts the water supply accordingly whilst providing a consistent shower temperature for the duration of your showers. You set your desired temperature at the beginning of your shower, and the thermostatic valve ensures that this temperature is maintained throughout for the optimal showering experience. Using the two handles on the shower fixture, you can control the flow of the water and temperature simultaneously. 

Electric showers feature a purely internal heating system however if you would like to opt out for more water pressure control whilst having temperature control, thermostatic showers store a small amount of heated water from the mains before mixing it with the cold water and releasing it. For this reason, thermostatically controlled showers are considered to be one of the most cost-effective showers options when assessed over a long-term basis. Considering this combined with their effectiveness at enhancing safety and convenience, it is not surprising that they are becoming one of the most popular shower choices for UK homeowners.  

A shower mixing valve has a unique way of operating in terms of regulating cold and hot water whilst maintaining the correct temperature. The thermostat element in the mixer is designed to extend and shrink if the temperature or pressure of incoming hot and cold water changes. Whilst extending and shrinking, the slide valve adjusts precisely to have the appropriate amount of hot and cold water accessing the valve to make the temperature that you have set. Suppose for any reason, the cold water flow gradually decreases. In that case, the valve pressurises the hot supply to ensure that the optimum safe temperature is maintained in the dispensing outlet, ensuring you do not get scolded. 

Why should you use a Thermostatic Shower?  

Thermostatically controlled showers have a range of benefits. Primarily they control the water supply and temperature to prevent the user from receiving too much hot or freezing water, which may shock and subsequently harm the user. Read on to discover some of the key advantages of installing a shower mixer thermostat.  

Protection from scalding

Scalding protection is the main feature of a thermostatic shower. If the supply of hot or cold water declines, the valve responds by effectively maintaining a constant temperature and adjusting the flow. If the supply of cold water stops entirely, the valve automatically shuts down to prevent the user from getting scalded by the sudden flow of hot water. With scalding protection being a key feature, everyone in your household can choose the appropriate temperature for their individual comfort. The ability to choose your temperature enables the user to be protected from scalding.  

Protection from Thermal Shock 

Sudden changes to water temperature will always be a nasty shock for anyone. This is known as thermal shock. Experiencing an unexpected dispense of cold water will shock you immediately and give you a very unpleasant experience. A thermostatically controlled shower works to protect you from this situation ever happening. A manual mixing shower will mix hot and cold water to meet a set temperature. However, it cannot react to sudden changes in temperature, which is what can easily cause thermal shock. The addition of a shower mixer thermostat provides instant reaction to a change in temperature, and the system works quickly, adjusting the water flow to get it back to the pre-set temperature and preventing thermal shock.  

Ease of installation  

Installation of the shower mixer is an incredibly straightforward process that does not require drastic changes to your current bathroom, walk-in shower or wet room. There is no need to rip out multiple parts of your bathroom. A professional plumber can install this life-changing feature quickly and efficiently to ensure that you can start enjoying your showering experience without disrupting your daily routine during the installation process. Our highly skilled and trustworthy tradesmen are committed to quick, hassle-free, and friendly service when installing your new shower mixer.  

Easy maintenance 

Thermostatic showers require little maintenance, and our friendly team of experts are always on hand to help should you need us in the future. Replacing, adjusting, and calibrating valves is relatively easy to do by oneself. However, research is recommended to ensure that you are confident with the process. Alternatively, contact our knowledgeable team for further assistance, and we can recruit a professional to help with any maintenance jobs which may be necessary.  

Best Thermostatic Showers? 

Mixer showers are a popular choice for many. They mix hot and cold water within the shower, fitting itself before the water coming out of the shower head. Unlike some models of thermostatic showers, the shower head is not the feature that heats the water. Instead, the shower uses heated water already available in your plumbing system throughout your home. Many people favour this style of thermostatic showers as the pipes are installed into the wall, meaning that only the shower control system is visible, giving a tidy look. This type of shower mixing thermostat is also popular due to its versatility of being suitable for both high and low-pressure water systems and its ease of installation. 

We have a range of thermostatic showers which are modified to suit everyone, regardless of your level of mobility or ability. With various features, we will discuss your options to ensure that you are fully supported throughout your decision. Specifically modified features include shower head height, folding and permanent seats, low-level access, easy sliding doors, and no doors.  

Regarding the thermostatic shower fixtures, there are a selection of assorted designs that are diverse in functionality and features. This explanation of the types of valves on the market will help you identify which one you would like based on the features and aesthetic of the piece.  

  1. Bar valve – As the name suggests, this valve is in a simple bar design and is potentially the most widely used fixture design because of its ease of use. The chrome plated finish is attractive and fits with all bathroom aesthetics. It also includes an easy grip and temperature control dials.  
  1. Concealed valve – With this style, the valve itself is concealed behind the wall whilst the dials are on display. This modern and sleek design is becoming more popular due to the unique way of displaying the dials.  
  1. Traditional valve – This style is the least common but still one to consider, particularly if you want to achieve an old or classic aesthetic in your bathroom. This traditional valve is exposed and features a classic lever-style or crosshead handle, available in an assortment of colours.  
  1. Digital controls – Digital controls for thermostatic showers are popular for those seeking a luxury and spa-like aesthetic. They allow you to set the temperature exactly via a digital interface, creating a more relaxing and indulgent showering experience.  

How can Premier Care in Bathing help? 

All of our specially designed showers feature thermostatic control safety as a basic inclusion. We believe that the process of updating your bathroom should be stress-free, and due to this, we are here to assist and support you throughout the entire process. With 30 years of experience in transforming our customer’s bathrooms, you are in safe hands. We take care of every step, from a free home survey where our experts fully assess your current situation and discuss in detail your requests and how we intend on fulfilling them. We will then organise a team of trusted and highly qualified fitters who will bring all of the parts that they require and quickly fit your dream bathroom to your exact specification.  

Throughout the process, you will have a dedicated advisor who oversees your entire project and is available as your first point of contact should you have any queries. Once our team has finished, they will clear everything up so that all that is left for you to do is relax and fully enjoy your brand-new, modified bathroom.  

For further information on thermostatic shower systems and the options available to you, visit our website or order a brochure today so that you can browse our extensive range of walk-in showers, wet room and digital showers. Alternatively, call our friendly team to discuss your options, and we will be happy to help you with any queries that you have. We believe that everyone deserves to look forward to their bathing experience, so contact us today and allow us to help you make that dream a reality.