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bath water

Baths vs Showers: Which Uses Up More Water?

Are you more of a bath or a shower fan? Whether you prefer a nice long soak in the bath…
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smart home

8 ways smart home technology can make your life easier

From improved security to healthcare we look at 7 ways in which smart home technology can make life easier, leaving…
bath safety

How to get out of the bath safely

Taking a bath is a great way of relaxing the body and mind. However, combining slippery surfaces, potential hazardous objects…
cooling fan

12 tips for keeping cool in hot weather for the elderly

  • In: Blog | 11th June, 2021
The arrival of summer is welcomed with the celebration of longer days, sunshine and warmer temperatures. However, while many of…

How to tailor accessible bathrooms for both disabled and non-disabled use

Making bathrooms accessible for those who have difficulty with their mobility day to day benefits the whole family.
chess set

10 brilliant board games for elderly persons

Ah, a good old-fashioned board game. From classic family favourites to more modern table-top games, these types of activities will…

Beautiful vintage bathrooms over the decades

  • In: Blog | 28th March, 2021
The bathroom is an essential space in any home and can provide the perfect blank canvas for designers to inject…

The best food supplements for the elderly

As we age, the changes in our bodily functions increase the need for good nutrition. Our bodies become less efficient…
bath songs

12 most relaxing bath songs

If you’ve had a tough day, worn out a busy schedule or simply want to indulge in a spot of…

Meditation – its benefits and how to get into it

Thousands of studies now show that meditation can benefit our mental and physical health, but what does it involve, and…