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Modify Your Home for Parkinson’s Disease

  • In: Health | 5th October, 2023
We look at some of the basic home improvements you can make for people living with Parkinson's Disease.
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Designing a wet room: Our in-depth 2023 guide

If you require more accessibility around the home, a wet room might be a wise choice because you don’t have…

Top 9 Aids for Getting Out of the Bath

Washing and bathing is an essential part of everyday life. As we get older, many of us move away from…

How our thermostatic bath filler makes for a safer bathing experience

A thermostatic bath filler is a kind of tap that fills the bath, but it also contains a thermostat inside…
Cove walk-in bath

Low Baths Guide: What are they and what are their benefits?

For many people, enjoying a long soak in the bath is one of life’s simple pleasures. What’s more, having a…

How to tailor accessible bathrooms for both disabled and non-disabled use

Making bathrooms accessible for those who have difficulty with their mobility day to day benefits the whole family.
The Refresh safe walk in shower

Guide to Level Access Showers in 2023

If you’re making some changes to your bathroom or thinking of creating an easy-access shower space, you may be wondering…

Disabled Showers: Our 2023 Expert Guide

Choosing an accessible shower can be challenging for those with disabilities and mobility restrictions. With so many options to consider…

Step in baths: what are they & what are their benefits?

If you’ve been considering an upgraded bathing experience for a while but are not quite sure which tub to dip…

Assisted Bathing Guide: What is it & How Can it Help Your Bathing

As part of a daily routine, bathing and showering can become a little more difficult as you get older. It…