Walk in baths with lifts

Powered bath seat lifts

If the time has come for you to start making alterations to your home to help you live in comfort and safety, then the vast array of options available to you may seem very daunting indeed. To assist you, our blog includes many resources, guides and features regarding the very latest improvements for your home.

In today’s article, we are focusing on walk-in baths with lifts and just why they are a fantastic idea for your bathroom. There are many benefits to baths with lifts or transfer seats and we highlight just some of them here if you are considering one for your bathroom.

Paradise walk-in bath with powered seat lift

Ease of installation

In fact, the beauty of a walk-in bath with bath lift from Premier Care in Bathing is that the installation can be quick and easy with minimum disruption as our professional installers work fast and efficient.

Many people who have become less mobile due to old age or a disability believe that they are going to have to make fundamental changes to the structure of their home in order to make their bathroom safe. However, when installing a bath with a lift this is not the case. A bath with easy-entry powered seat is an ideal replacement for your traditional bath.

Once installed, not only do they improve convenience and safety but still offer that relaxing experience in a full length bath. Premier Care has a number of different bathing options, designed to suit varying mobility needs or bathroom layouts. Our trained advisors can help you decide which bath lift suits your needs and we will ensure that the product is installed with limited fuss and disruption to you and your home.

Empower walk-in bath with powered seat lift

Therapeutic bathing

The benefits of bathing over showering are often considered when adapting a bathroom. A lot of this comes down to personal preference but we do know that the elderly or individuals suffering with conditions such as Arthritis definitely feel the benefit of a nice warm and bubbly bath, especially in the chilly winter months. A bath lift makes this possible as it eliminates the need for painful crouching or bending which could be vital for individuals suffering from reduced mobility.

The installation of a modern bath with a seat lift makes this process immeasurably easier and can transform what may have become a difficult or even unsafe process into a pleasurable experience and one of the highlights of the day. It is important to keep in mind that a choice of a walk-in bath does not eliminate the option of a having a shower. Our walk-in baths, with bath lifts can also incorporate a shower, such as our beautiful Paradise walk-in bath.

To further enhance your bathing experience a number of innovative options are available, such as our Hydrovescent Spa and Chromotherapy systems and grab bars as well as thermostatically controlled mixer taps come as standard.

After a long day out with the grandkids or shopping, a nice long bath can be the perfect remedy and with the inclusion of a safe shower option the bath remains accessible for the whole family.

Conventional bath with powered lift transfer seat

Comfort and safety

The main reason we would recommend replacing your existing bath for a bath with lift is most definitely your comfort and safety. It maybe that you are having trouble getting in or out of your existing bath, have suffered a fall, or simply looking to future proof your home. A comfortable, stylish and convenient walk in bath can offer great peace of mind for years to come. The dangers and stresses of bathing that so many of us feel can be eliminated through the use of a walk in bath lift.

All of the solutions available in the Premier Care in Bathing range, focus on safety, convenience, independence and comfort. Why struggle when looking to enjoy a nice long soak when you can start to look forward to safe bathing once more? Life should be all about enjoying the finer things in life, especially in our advanced years, so why make any compromises when you can enjoy a pleasurable bathing experience?

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