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49 Beautiful and Practical Walk-in Shower Ideas

The shower. It’s where great days begin and stressful chapters end. So, why shouldn’t your shower look as good as it makes you feel?

We believe it should. That’s why we’ve gathered 49 walk-in shower ideas for you, suitable for all tastes, budgets, and ages. Now, prepare to be showered with inspiration…

1.Doorless walk-in shower ideas

2. Small bathrooms

3. Spa-like showers

4. Tiles

5. For elderly users

6. Floor styles

7. Space-saving

8. Plants and greenery

9. Walk-in showers with seats

10. Corner showers

11. Wet rooms

12. Large spaces

13. Using light

14. Simple ideas

15. Traditional decor

16. Modern decor

17. With Accessories and fittings

18. With a view

19. Close to nature

20. High ceilings

21. Artwork in the bathroom

22. Showers with a bath

Doorless walk-in shower ideas

Doorless showers are easier to access and to clean. That’s the dream combination, right? They also look beautiful and minimalist, and here are some of our favourites…

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

From an aesthetic point of view, the black-framed glass makes the doorless entrance stand out.

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Also, the position of the entrance ensures you’ll keep all splashes firmly within the shower – and not on your bathroom floor.

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

With just one partition and fewer elements, this doorless shower is a simpler option than the previous one.

Pexels: Vecislavas Popa

Combining a built-in, ceiling shower head with a handheld companion, this doorless shower offers nearly 360 degrees of refreshment. We also love the proximity of the practical and contemporary towel radiator – there’d be no trudging to the towel while dripping wet.

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

Bored with white washed bathrooms? No problem. This dark, doorless walk-in shower should inspire you. It’s modern, unique, and truly eye-catching thanks to its inverted colour scheme.

Small bathroom walk-in ideas

We love walk-in showers because you can fit them anywhere, from en-suites to converted lofts. They’re adaptable. So, we’ve got four fabulous walk-in shower ideas for small bathrooms.

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

To construct a walk-in shower, all you really need is a single pane of glass. Well, the showerhead and water supply go without saying. The point is, you can use a ceiling-high partition to cordon-off even the smallest area of the tiniest bathrooms – like the example above.

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

No collection of small bathroom walk-in showers is complete without a loft conversion. Despite the lack of ceiling space, this shower still offers two heads, three alcoves, and a bench.

Pexels: Jean van der Meulen

Using a skylight to add brightness, this walk-in shower idea is all about making the most of limited space. The glass partition is relatively thin compared to our previous examples, yet the greenery and gorgeous tiles (more on those later) make this small bathroom really pop.

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

Contrasting a contemporary walk-in shower with a classic sink basin, this small bathroom oozes class. The shower itself also comes with a wooden stool, which matches the adjacent cabinet nicely.

Spa-like shower ideas

Spa-like installations are the pinnacle of relaxation, typically combining a steam room and shower. Below, we’ve chosen the walk-in shower that best represents this calming combo.

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

Walk-in shower tile ideas

Tile designs offer an excellent chance to spice up your bathroom. Plain white paint does a job, but is it memorable? Not always. That’s why we’ve selected the best walk-in shower tile ideas for you below…

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

You can contrast a white bathroom with almost any tile design, including bold floral patterns like the above image shows. This is easily one of the most eye-catching walk-in shower ideas on our list.

Pexels: Pixabay

Blue is one of the most calming colours, while the white-grouting pattern gives it an aesthetic edge. Needless to say, this is one of the boldest walk-in shower ideas on our list, packing a punch with its white flooring and dark blue interior.

Pexels: Christa Grover

This stunning walk-in shower combines a statement shower headwith an equally exciting tile design.

Unsplash: Raquel Navalon Alvarez

This walk-in shower idea uses subtle designs to perfection, with minimalist wall designs contrasting with the bold floor tiles.

Walk-in shower ideas for elderly users

Walk-in showers are stylish, and lend themselves nicely to mobility-friendly features. They can create accessible bathrooms for all ages, but we’ve specifically selected three walk-in shower ideas for elderly users below…

Pexels: Skylar Kang

As this example shows, accessible showers don't need to sacrifice luxury. Behind the curtain, you’ll find a foldable seat that makes it easy for elderly people to bathe with greater independence.

Unsplash: Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd

Surrounded by waist-height railings, this is one of our most accessible walk-in shower ideas for elderly bathroom-lovers. Meanwhile, the walk-in shower requires very little effort to access.

Pixabay: Barry D

This walk-in shower is perfect for elderly users because there is no shower tray or bathtub to step over, making it safer and more comfortable than regular shower-over-baths.

Different floor styles

Moving from the walls to the floor, we’ve selected some incredible walk-in shower tile ideas that your feet and eyes will love. In this section, we’ve included examples of marble, stone, and cobbled tiles.

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

Using wooden flooring will create a spa-like walk-in shower reminiscent of Scandinavian saunas, offering a truly relaxing experience every time you step inside.

Pexels: Terry Magallanes

You can use monochrome tiles in different patterns to create an exciting walk-in shower that doesn’t feel overdone. In this example, it switches floor designs from the shower to the vanity area, helping to separate the two areas in more ways than one.

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

You can use marble-effect floor tiles to transform your walk-in shower into a luxurious space, which is particularly effective when contrasted against different shades of marble.

Space-saving ideas

Sometimes it’s more impressive to remodel a tiny bathroom. It’s all about saving space. So, we’ve included some walk-in shower ideas that do just that. After all, why should big bathrooms have all the fun?

Unsplash: Andrea Davis

You can simply install a shower rail to transform your small bathroom into a walk-in shower enclosure, making it one of the most straightforward walk-in shower ideas on our list.

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

Tight on space? You can always build your shower into your bathroom counter – like this one. Think of it like terraced housing for your cabinet and walk-in shower.

Unsplash: Zac Gudakov

If you have a small bathroom, use concave storage solutions inside the walk-in shower to help reduce clutter, which should help your limited space feel larger.

Unsplash: Sven Brandsma

Walk-in showers are ideal for maximising space in small or awkward areas, such as lofts and rooms with angled walls. Overall, the walk-in shower idea above is an excellent space-saver.

Unsplash: Volant

This clever installation uses a very thin partition right next to the toilet, offering reasonable privacy in very little space.

Using plants and greenery

Using plants is an effective way to freshen up your walk-in shower, adding a splash of colour while oxygenating the room. For the bathroom, you want plants that thrive in damp conditions, such as the Snake Plant, Golden Pothos, and Dieffenbachia. Check out the shower below for some inspo…

Unsplash: Curology

Walk-in showers with seats

Showers with seats and benches are typically a luxury. That said, they don’t need to be difficult to install. Here are some of our favourite ideas…

Pexels: Curtis Adams

Even without running water, this walk-in shower is an amazing place to just sit down. To install a bench like this, all you’d need is an extra slab of stone. Simple.

Pixabay: Gregory Butler

We love this walk-in shower idea because of its ingenuity – the seat is cleverly built into the bathroom wall. This design is contemporary, yet takes you back to the ancient baths of Rome.

Unsplash: Chastity Cortijo

We love the contrasting materials in this walk-in shower idea, using wooden seating and metal shower fittings. Of course, the blue paint is ideal if you love bold bathrooms, too.

Unsplash: Jon’Nathon Stebbe

If you want your walk-in shower to have a seat, you can get creative. As this walk-in shower idea shows, you can use stools that double up as storage.

Corner showers

The classic corner shower. It saves space and allows you to play with different designs. They don’t have to be simple space-savers, however, as you’ll from our ideas below…

Pixabay: La Belle Galerie

With this type of corner shower, you can save floor space while retaining the bathroom’s tidy layout. This is one of the most popular walk-in shower ideas for a reason: it’s simple and effective.

Unsplash: Jana Heinemann

This walk-in shower idea offers an eye-catching, edgy design that perfectly matches the tile layout behind it.

Unsplash: Michiel van Kaam

As we mentioned earlier, corner showers don’t need to be space-savers. This walk-in shower idea is generous with its space, maximising the corner of this large bathroom.

Wet rooms

Wet rooms are the most spacious walk-in showers. They’re open-plan. This means you can literally stroll around the entire room and still technically remain inside the ‘shower’. Check out our example below…

Pexels: Anna Tarazevi

Large spaces

Got plenty of room to play with? Lucky you. While most of our suggestions suit small to medium-sized bathrooms, we’ve also included some ideas for big bathrooms below…

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

This spacious, walk-in shower uses similar colours throughout the entire feature, but with contrasting tile designs.

Unsplash: Steven Ungermann

Long, spacious bathrooms offer lots of floorspace, allowing you to enjoy extra room around your vanity area. As this walk-in shower idea proves, you can use a slim shower enclosure to make your large space feel even bigger.

Unsplash: Sidekix Media

This bathroom contrasts materials to create a stunning layout, using wooden accessories and glass partitions. The white paint and large mirror also make this large space feel even bigger.

Unsplash: Steven Ungermann

This idea is more affordable than our previous suggestions. It uses plenty of space, and includes somewhere to sit down, yet its simple design makes it a winner for almost any home.

Walk-in shower ideas using light

You can brighten up your walk-in shower by combining natural light with white paint or tiles. You’ll save on electricity bills, while creating a truly fresh showering experience. Below is an example of using light effectively…

Unsplash: Hemant Kanojiya

Simple walk-in shower ideas

With many aspects of life, it’s sometimes best to keep things simple. In this section, we’ve chosen some walk-in showers that look lovely but won’t necessarily make the history books.

Unsplash: Jon’Nathon Stebbe

White tiles and a single pane of glass – it’s about as simple and stylish as you can get. Remember, simple doesn’t mean boring.

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

The showerheads add modernism to this simple walk-in shower, which uses clear glass to separate the toilet and shower areas. It also uses a splash of natural light to keep things bright and cheerful.

Unsplash: Alexander Fife

This bathroom uses simple tactics to create an impressive space. Combining beige stones, clear glass and gold taps, it’s a simple yet stylish layout.

Traditional decor

It can be tricky to pair traditional decor – such as copper shower heads – with modern furnishings. However, the example below demonstrates the perfect balance between modern, white tiles and traditional decor.

Pexels: Curtis Adams

Modern decor

Fast forward in time and, below, you’ll find our walk-in shower idea that uses modern decor to create a contemporary and minimalist bathroom. Even the storage compartment uses a slick, modern design.

Unsplash: R Architecture

Accessories and fittings

Remember, you can style your walk-in shower in the same way you would any other room. Our walk-in shower idea below features a leafy accessory that completely transforms the shower experience.

Unsplash: Noithat Rakhoi

Walk-in showers with a view

If you’re lucky enough to enjoy gorgeous vistas from the comfort of your own home, then why not make the most of it? Walk-in showers with a view offer unrivalled tranquility, as long as you’re free from voyeurs, that is. Just check out our idea below to see what we mean…

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

Walk-in showers close to nature

Feeling close to nature doesn’t mean being exposed to the elements. As our example below shows, you can bridge the gap between Mother Nature and your bathroom by utilising plants, green decor, and wide views of your private garden.

Unsplash: Jared Rice

High ceilings

Whether it’s your Victorian bathroom or hyper modern spa room, high ceilings offer a spacious experience. Ideal for the tall readers among you, the shower below should remove any risk of bumping heads on taps, doors, and fixings.

Unsplash: Jon’Nathon Stebbe

Using artwork in the bathroom

Adding artwork to your bathroom takes an already enjoyable experience to the next level. Whether it’s an array of paintings or selection of sculptures, we believe that any bathroom would benefit from some culture. For example, the bathroom below uses three paintings to great effect…

Pexels: La Miko

Showers with a bath

While not strictly a ‘walk-in’ shower, the idea below combines the tub and shower. It’s a popular pairing, saving space and offering something for the bathers and stand-up washers alike. Below, we particularly like the use of plants and natural light.

Pexels: Jean van der Meulen

There you have it. We’ve shown you 49 beautiful and practical walk-in shower ideas, ranging from humble to high-end. Now, you should now have an idea about how to improve or remodel your bathroom.

That’s where we can help. At Premier Care in Bathing, we’re walk-in shower and walk-in bath specialists, providing end-to-end installation services. That means we take care of the entire process, allowing you to relax and enjoy the good stuff – that is, an incredible walk-in shower experience