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Integrated seating in showers: what are the benefits for you?

integrated seat shower

Showering regularly is crucial for personal hygiene and self-care. But as we age, or as our level of mobility changes, showering can become increasingly challenging. Mobility limitations can make showering difficult, stressful, and even dangerous in some scenarios.

Did you know? - Showering is important for physical health, protecting against many preventable, common diseases. But it’s also important for mental health.

That’s why everyone deserves to be able to bathe or shower safely.

If you’re finding showering difficult or stressful, it’s worth looking into alternative options that are better suited to your mobility requirements. One of those options is a shower with an integrated seat.

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  1. What is integrated shower seating?
  2. A shower with a built-in seat is usually safer
  3. Enjoy long, leisurely showers - exactly how you like them
  4. Showers and walk-in showers designed to meet your specific needs
  5. Allowing elderly people and those with limited mobility to maintain their independence

What is integrated shower seating?

Like the name suggests, this is a shower with a built-in seat. There are lots of different showers with integrated seats available. Some of these have foldable chairs, which can be used as and when. Others will have a low bench which doesn't need to be pulled down by the user.

There are also walk-in showers with built-in shower seats; in these showers, you won’t need to walk over a high threshold, which means they’re more accessible and excellent for anyone with reduced mobility.

These types of showers are specifically designed for people with limited mobility. As a result, they’re often equipped with additional safety features: low-level shower trays, grab rails, that type of thing.

They may have extra facets, but accessible showers aren’t any less luxurious than usual high-end showers. Usually, companies specifically design and install a shower based on a customer’s need - and their tastes.

It’s easy to pick out a shower that perfectly complements your bathroom, supports your mobility needs, and fits your budget.

So what are the benefits of showers with integrated seats?

A shower with a built-in seat is usually safer

American research has shown that in recent years, around 235,000 people have had to visit hospitals because of injuries suffered in the bathroom. More than a third of those injuries occurred while bathing or showering, with the majority of injuries affecting those over 85.

The figures are similar on this side of the pond.

Did you know? - According to the NHS, one in three adults over 65 and half of the population over the age of 90 will have at least one fall a year.

Falls commonly happen in the bathroom due to the likelihood of wet floors. While the majority of falls aren’t usually serious, some can be. Moreover, even a minor injury caused by a fall can cause additional challenges for people with reduced mobility.

It’s pretty clear that in the bathroom, safety is paramount.

A shower with an integrated seat is an excellent option for increasing bathroom safety for people with limited mobility, allowing its user to sit down whenever they feel unable to stand.

These showers are often usually walk-in, which makes them far more accessible. Entering and leaving the shower, when the floor is extra slippery, has a much reduced risk than an ordinary shower.

Enjoy long, leisurely showers - exactly how you like them

When you can’t stand up for longer periods, showering can be difficult. It can feel like you’re under pressure, or showering with a time limit. Showers are supposed to be refreshing, they’re supposed to help you feel better, and may even be a chance to get away from the general chaos of life.

That’s not as easy to do when you’re worried about falling. With a shower with a built-in seat, this isn’t a concern. With the option to sit instead of standing, you can rid yourself of the time limits - and the anxiety associated with them.

Mobility is also often inconsistent. On some days, you’ll feel more able than others. When your shower has integrated seating, foldable or otherwise, you’ve got the choice between standing or sitting - on some days, this can allow you to shower when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

It provides you with flexibility, autonomy, and independence, regardless of your physical ability on that particular day.

Showers and walk-in showers designed to meet your specific needs

Because the majority of these types of showers are designed and installed specifically to each customer, showers with integrated seats can typically be based around your specific needs.

This can include space for assisted showering or could mean that grab rails are placed around convenient spots within the shower enclosure.

Unlike shopping for a typical shower, you can have more autonomy over the shower you pick, so that it perfectly suits your mobility needs, plus your requirements when it comes to accessibility.

Allowing elderly people and those with limited mobility to maintain their independence

One of the biggest benefits of a shower with integrated seating is that it allows older people to maintain their independence and autonomy, which can be hugely empowering.

We spend our adult lives making our own choices and living independently, so when our mobility reduces, it can be incredibly frustrating to require more support. Especially for things like showering.

Many people find it uncomfortable to ask for help, or simply find it difficult to rely or depend on others more than they used to. This isn’t just limited to age, either; feeling independent and empowered is important for people of all ages, and from all walks of life.

In fact, the impact that it can have on our mental health overall is quite astounding.

That’s why these types of showers are so fantastic. They are adapted to your precise accessibility needs and mobility requirements. They allow you to retain your sense of independence, without hazards or risks to your physical health. After all, that’s just as valuable as your wellbeing.

These are the types of showers we’re proud to offer here at Premier Care in Bathing. We’ve got a wide variety of showers with integrated seats, including built-in seats, foldable benches, and walk-in options. We offer a wide range of luxurious, level-access showers, specifically designed for elderly people or those with limited mobility.

We offer a complete service, from custom design to installation, for a bespoke fitting that adapts perfectly to your needs and your aesthetic tastes. What’s more, we can guarantee that we’ll be with you, every step of the way. Learn more about our showers, get a free brochure, or arrange an appointment with us for more information.