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Adapting your home for Parkinson's Disease

Adapt Your Home for Parkinson’s

We look at some of the basic home improvements you can make for people living with Parkinson's Disease.
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How to spot early signs of arthritis

With age comes many benefits for us. We learn perspective and appreciation for the things around us, while we also…

The best food supplements for an elderly person

As we age, the changes in our bodily functions increase the need for good nutrition. Our bodies become less efficient…

5 insightful books on dementia you should read

Living with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other associated forms of memory loss can be a challenging and extremely overwhelming time.…
elderly hygiene

Importance of hygiene care for the elderly

Maintaining a good level of hygiene is important for all of us, at any age. It ties into health issues…
Lady Bathing

Baths vs Showers: Which is actually better for you?

  In houses up and down the country, a debate is constantly brewing. No, it’s not the latest political discussion,…

Simple ways you can help your elderly parents living at home

Retaining independence as we age has been linked to both positive mental health and higher confidence levels. But providing the…
Holding hands

5 Signs My Parents May Need More Help at Home

It can be hard to admit that we need more help as we get older. For some, this admission can…

How the Hydrovescent spa massage can ease arthritis symptoms

Suffering from arthritis can be a painful experience; luckily there are many ways you can help alleviate the symptoms in…

How the Chromotherapy system can help you connect with your chakras

Chakras are essentially energetic points in our bodies, that can be activated with different energy flows. There are few scientific…