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Walk In Bath

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Upright bathtubs guide: What are their benefits?

Upright bathtubs have become more and more popular over the years. There are many advantages to installing one in your…
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Step in baths: what are they & what are their benefits?

If you’ve been considering an upgraded bathing experience for a while but are not quite sure which tub to dip…
Cove walk-in bath

Low Baths Guide: What are they and what are their benefits?

For many people, enjoying a long soak in the bath is one of life’s simple pleasures. What’s more, having a…

11 Reasons to Swap a Regular Bath for a Walk-in Bath

  • In: Blog | 19th December, 2022
Walk-in baths are safer and more comfortable than regular baths – especially for elderly people or those with limited mobility.…

What is the ideal bath temperature?

Coming home after a long day at work and unwinding before bed is one of the things many of us…
Bath prices

How Much Is A Walk-in Bathtub? Our 2023 Price Guide

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to walk-in bath prices and installation. It depends on the type of tub you’d…

What are the benefits of a walk-in bath with lifts?

3 reasons why our walk-in baths with lifts are a fantastic idea for your bathroom.

How to tailor accessible bathrooms for both disabled and non-disabled use

Making bathrooms accessible for those who have difficulty with their mobility day to day benefits the whole family.
bathroom for elderly

The accessible bathroom jargon guide

Premier care bathroom products include many fantastic features and options to make your bathing more comfortable and most importantly, safer.…
The Revive attractive shower

Simple tips for ease of bathing

The idea is to grow old in your own home, whilst maintaining as much independence as possible. Each circumstance is…
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