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Benefits of walk-in baths for the elderly

Benefits of walk-in baths for the elderly

As we get older, our bathing requirements can change with changes in our physical ability. Traditional bathtubs can suddenly present…
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Powered bath seat lifts

Walk-in baths with lifts

3 reasons why our walk-in baths with lifts are a fantastic idea for your bathroom.
Comfort and relaxation in a walk in bath

What is the ideal bath temperature?

Coming home after a long day at work and unwinding before bed is one of the things many of us…

Why accessible bathrooms are inclusive for all

Making bathrooms accessible for those who have difficulty with their mobility day to day benefits the whole family.
Woman looking herslef in the bathoom mirror

The accessible bathroom jargon guide

Premier care bathroom products include many fantastic features and options to make your bathing more comfortable and most importantly, safer.…
The Revive attractive shower

Simple tips for ease of bathing

The idea is to grow old in your own home, whilst maintaining as much independence as possible. Each circumstance is…
The cove walk in bath

How our walk-in baths are constructed

Ensuring that your bathtub is the highest quality is the key to making sure that your bathroom stays functional and…
accessible bathroom

Which type of accessible bathroom is best for me?

When looking for an accessible bathroom, it can be quite a daunting task. You will want to ensure that your…
Shower control panel

What type of shower unit can I get for my walk-in shower?

When it comes to your walk-in shower, you can still personalise things and everything is designed to make bathing that…