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What is a wet room and how does it work?

As society becomes an increasing aging population, it’s imperative to look ahead and plan for how your home can accommodate your needs now and as well as in twenty-five years. A great way to ensure your space is adapted to your individual requirements is with functional adjustments, and a wet room is a great place to start.

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  1. What is a wet room?
  2. How does a wet room work?
  3. What are the benefits of a wet room?
  4. How to have a wet room fitted?

What is a wet room?

A wet room is a bathroom that is an open design space. It’s created all on one level, eliminating a shower tray or door, so it’s completely accessible, and therefore a practical choice if you have any mobility issues.

How does a wet room work?

Wet rooms are unique in the way that they’re on one level with a gentle fall to the drain point to allow the water to run off offering the easiest of access.

To achieve this, a pre-formed shower base is installed at equal depth to your floorboards. The floorboards would normally be removed within the shower area and then the floor reinforced ready for tanking and waterproofing.

It goes without saying that waterproofing is key and that wet rooms should only be installed by experienced professionals. Once this is done, your wet room will be ready for slip-resistant flooring to be laid, leaving you with no step at all from floor to shower area which you would normally encounter with a traditional walk-in shower.

There Is no need for a shower door, but shower screens can be fitted, just for the practicality of keeping the water In one area.

What are the benefits of a wet room?

One of the main benefits of having a wet room is that they are extremely accessible. Eliminating shower trays and lip to climb over puts your bathroom safety at the forefront. Whether you require a wheelchair, a carer or are finding It harder to navigate your current bathroom, wet rooms can offer a practical, modern and enjoyable bathing experience once again.

To ensure your bathing experience can be as safe as possible, all wet rooms by Premier Care are fitted with slip-resistant surfaces to limit the possibility of any accidental falls.

You also can’t forget that as wet rooms are waterproof, they’re also practical when it comes to cleaning. The waterproof material will help to prevent dampness and mould, and with less corners and surfaces to worry about, there’s no doubt that you get your bathroom sparkling clean in little time and effort.

They are the perfect solution for the whole family, additional safety features can be installed, such as grab rails or folding seats, and this can really future-proof your bathroom whilst offering a modern, desirable design.

How to have a wet room fitted?

If you’re considering getting a wet room but don’t quite know how it will work with your bathroom, then fear not. All our wet room designs can be easily adapted to suit you.

Whether you have a large, small or unusually shaped bathroom, we can usually work our design to maximise your space. The expert team at Premier Care can offer a free design and measuring service and give you an accurate quotation to get you started in the right way.

For more information, request a free brochure online today or request an appointment to arrange your free consultation with our expert advisors.