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How much is a Walk in Shower? Our 2023 Price Guide


When it comes to walk-in shower prices, there’s a lot you need to consider. Whether you are seeking to upgrade your bathroom, save time bathing, or you are hoping to create a safer, more straightforward bathing experience, the cost of your walk-in shower will depend on a variety of factors.

The overall cost of walk-in showers can typically be split into two prices. One will be the cost of your shower, and the other will come in the form of the installation. From the size and shape of your bathroom to your own personal tastes and any mobility needs you may have, walk-in shower prices can vary considerably.

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This is why we’ve put together a helpful guide to show you the different types of walk-in showers and the costs associated with them. No matter if you’re looking for elevated levels of comfort, an extra touch of relaxation or further assistance with a range of mobility aids, we’ve got you covered.

So, if you’re struggling with a traditional shower and looking to budget for a walk-in option, read on. A walk-in shower could be just the upgrade you need to introduce into your bathroom.

  1. What is a walk-in shower?
  2. Types and features
  3. Standard walk-in showers
  4. Corner walk-in showers
  5. Walk-in shower with mobility aids
  6. Installation costs
  7. Other factors that may affect cost
  8. Benefit of walk-in showers


Walk-in shower costs: What size is a walk-in shower?

First things first. If you’re looking to replace your shower or bathtub, you may be considering the size and measurements associated with your new walk-in shower.

At Premier Care in Bathing, we understand that bathrooms come in various shapes and sizes, and everyone has their own personal style and mobility needs. There’s no standard, one size fits all walk-in shower size, and so there’s no one size fits all cost.

This is why we offer a range of walk-in showers tailored to both your space and your requirements, as well as your individual budget.


Walk-in shower costs: Types and features

First of all, it’s crucial to break down exactly what type of walk-in showers you can install.

When it comes to the cost of walk-in showers, this will vary according to the type of shower you’re looking for in your own space. From the size to the shape - for example, if you’re seeking a corner shower to save on space - to the various features and any mobility aids you may require. There is a vast range of choices for you to consider, and each one will affect the cost of your walk-in shower.

With options to suit various needs, let’s take a look at the range of walk-in showers on offer and just how you can customise these to your own tastes and style.


Standard walk-in shower

If you’re looking for a walk-in shower that will suit most types of bathrooms, a standard walk-in shower could be your best option. Versatile and flexible in their ability to slot into all sorts of sized bathrooms, you can choose standard walk-in showers with a range of different features. From easy-glide doors to a folding shower seat, our Refresh model comes in a wide choice of sizes and is designed with your ease in mind.

Our Inspire model offers a fine finish and stable doors and can also be fitted in a corner style to suit those bathrooms with more limited space, as well as recessed options for an ultra-modern, floating finish.

For additional support with any mobility requirements, this model can also offer half-height doors for ease of access. Any additional features such as these will impact on the cost of your walk-in shower.


Corner walk-in shower

When the space you have in your bathroom is limited, corner walk-in showers can be an excellent solution. Providing enough space for you to enjoy your shower, they also offer a high degree of flexibility without faltering on the design.

Corner walk-in showers are ideal for smaller bathroom spaces, such as en-suites. Our Invigorate and Enrapture models offer a standard shower experience but with a clever corner design to make the best of your more limited space. With clean lines and a stylish chrome finish, the Invigorate model comes with a range of wall panel colours for you to select to suit your own personal style. This can add to the cost of your walk-in shower.

The Enrapture model offers a slightly larger wet room enclosure with split-folding doors to cater to the differing needs you may require for the whole family. These smooth-opening doors can also be folded back to accommodate a wheelchair or provide additional convenience for a carer.


Walk-in shower with mobility aids

For a shower experience that covers all your needs, you may need to consider a walk-in shower with additional features. This is where mobility aids can come in handy. They can add to overall walk-in shower prices but can also provide you with extra help and further peace of mind so you can get the most out of your daily shower.

If you have limited mobility, some of the features you may wish to consider are:

  • Integrated seating
  • Folded seats
  • Grab rails
  • Ultra low access
  • Splash Guard screen
  • Anti-slip flooring

Providing a stylish and safe replacement for a traditional walk in bath, our Restore model comes with integrated seating. This makes it ideal for anyone who needs a little extra help bathing. Our Revive model also offers fixed panels instead of a door, which makes it ideal for those who require the use of bathing mobility aids in their home.


Walk-in shower costs: Installation

The size and shape of your walk-in shower is one thing. But you’ll also need to bear in mind the costs of installation. This can cover the plumbing and electrics but also the costs associated with installing any additional features such as mobility aids and power or mixer shower costs.

It can also include the removal of any baths. It can be difficult to work out the exact costs as you may not be able to hire one tradesperson to complete the work in full.

You may also need to consider the costs of any flooring and wall coverings associated with the installation of your walk-in shower. You might even have decided to renovate your bathroom in other areas at the same time as upgrading to a walk-in shower.

Here, at Premier Care in Bathing, we can provide you with a service that includes fixed pricing. So when you get in touch with your requirements, the quoted cost we provide will include your chosen design and installation costs with no surprise fees.


Factors that may affect the cost of your walk-in shower installation

There are a range of factors that can add to the costs of your walk-in shower. The most common ones are:

Walk-in shower type: As you can see above, there are various types of showers available. From standard walk-in options to corner showers and recessed or floating walk-in showers. The style you choose will impact on the cost.

Walk-in shower pressure: From mixer showers and power showers to electric options, the costs associated with your walk-in shower type will vary depending on what you opt for. Due to the outcome they achieve, power showers tend to come with higher costs.

Walk-in shower size: As you may expect, the larger your walk-in shower, typically, the higher the cost will be. If you choose to have a larger glass panel, this will affect the cost of your walk-in shower.

Additional features: The installation of additional features, such as mobility aids and digital showers can up the associated costs. Whether you want to install grab rails or integrated seating, you’ll need to factor in any extra walk-in shower prices.


What are the benefits of a walk-in shower?

When working out the cost of walk-in showers, we understand that you’ll be considering a range of factors, and not just the shower itself. Walk-in showers can offer a whole host of advantages, particularly for those with mobility needs.

The main benefits you can gain from installing a walk-in shower are:

Space saving

As walk-in showers can replace standard shower cubicles and bathtubs, they can be utilised in small spaces. They can also be fitted in corner spaces so you can make the most of your bathroom.

Accessibility and ease of use

As walk-in showers negate the need to step into a bathtub or standard shower, they can be fitted without a bottom runner and level with your floor tiles. This makes them an ideal choice for elderly or disabled bathers.


Walk-in showers can create a stunning, more modern look and give your bathroom a stylish facelift. This can come with further costs depending on your taste and needs.

There are many different factors that can contribute to the cost of walk-in showers, and as the above shows, there are lots of different features you may want to consider based on your space and needs. Whether this is your individual requirements or the needs of your family.

This is where we come in. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation with an expert advisor so you can turn your wants and needs into a reality with no fuss.

All you need to do is complete the form or give us a quick call, answer a few questions, and we will get in touch to arrange an appointment. You can then discuss exactly what you're looking for from your ideal walk-in shower, and we provide you with a quotation. Simple.

No matter what it is you’re looking for, our design process is fully customisable to match your needs and requirements. Accessibility is at the forefront of what we do, and with this accessibility in mind, we design walk-in showers with an array of safety and mobility features, so you can take comfort in your accessibility bathing needs.