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Simple tips for ease of bathing

The Revive attractive shower

The idea is to grow old in your own home, whilst maintaining as much independence as possible. Some of the common problems are maintaining balance and not having enough or the right type of assistance in your bathroom.

Each circumstance is unique, however there are tools that you can put in place to help support your reducing mobility.

We've put together some bathing aids to consider so you can find the right bathroom solutions for your mobility needs.

Slip resistant shower tray

Due to the wet slippery floors, the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home. Anti-slip trays are a great precautionary safety measure to avoid any accidents in the bathroom.

Wide doorway

It would be a good idea to prepare for the years ahead, by widening your bathroom doorway. Making your bathroom wheelchair accessible is very useful as you may have to use one in the future. Standard wheelchairs are 635 mm wide, and for comfortable access doors should be 900 mm wide.

Wide doorways will allow easy access for yourself and a carer, without having to put yourself in any uncomfortable positions and easier if you may have to use any mobility aids in thr future.

Ensuring adequate lighting

As we age, our sight may not be as sharp and clear as it used to be. With poor lighting, comes a greater risk of accidents. adding better lighting, is a simple solution that’s commonly overlooked.

A night light is very effective as it ensure that there’s enough light to prevent any hazardous incidents, throughout the night. They are invaluable as they help to increase your confidence and safety in your home. They are easy to install, and you normally just have to plug it into a wall socket.

These handy gadgets can be purchased for a very reasonable price, and most uses very low electricity consumption. The night light will turn on at dusk and switch off automatically at dawn.

Shower seat

If you can’t stand up for a long period of time in the shower, a shower seat can offer support for your back and legs, in case they need a rest.
Your bathing experience should be relaxing, and without worry of potentially taking a fall. Shower seats should be sturdy and durable, and most designs have grips at the end of the legs.
All shower seats are easy to clean, usually with a simple wipe, and they really take the pressure off your feet while you’re having an exhilarating shower in the morning!

If you’re looking to add a shower seat to your bathroom, take a look at our range of walk-in showers, so you can find the right accessories for your bathing needs.


Baths and showers attract a lot of clutter, and we often keep products we don’t really use or need. It’s simple, to re-organise your bathroom, and declutter your cabinets and shelves.

To further avoid any unnecessary incidents or overstretching your back make sure that all your bathroom products are within reach.

Grab Rails

Grab rails are one of the most popular bathing aids use in the bathroom. It helps to alleviate pressure on your joints and allows you to be more independent boosting your confidence.

Our robust grab rails are available in a white and chrome finish, that can be installed in the best areas suited for you. Additionally, we have a handy 2-1 range, that combines a grab rail and towel rail or toilet role holder.

By modifying your home now, it could potentially save you a few grey hairs in the future. Simple alterations and installing bathing aids can create a bathroom environment that promotes freedom and keeps your safety worries at bay. Get in touch, or request a brochure to see how Premier Care an assist you in finding the best bathroom solution for you.