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Walk-in Bathtub Price Guide: How much does it cost in 2024?

Bath prices

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to walk-in bath prices and installation. It depends on the type of tub you’d like, the size of your bathroom, and your chosen mobility aids. You can also add luxury features such as hydrotherapy or even bath fillers.

This guide will walk you through the different types of walk-in bathtub costs, explaining how various factors play with the final price. Struggling to bathe in a traditional bath? A walk-in bath can help you maintain high levels of comfort, relaxation, and independence in your bathroom.

The best way to find a clear price for your walk-in bath installation is through our free consultation tool. Or check out our free brochure for more information on our baths.

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  1. Walk-in bathtub costs: Types and features
  2. Installation and restructuring costs
  3. VAT exemptions
  4. Disabled Facilities Grant
  5. How much is a walk-in bathtub water bill?
  6. What are the benefits of a walk-in bath?
  7. What is the difference between a walk-in bath and commercial bath?

Walk-in bathtub costs: Types and features

Walk-in bath prices depend on the type of tub you’re after. How big? Which shape? Does it come with power seating? What features does it have? There are many different bathing accessory options.

In this section, we discuss the most common types of walk-in baths. Remember, the overall cost depends on your unique tastes and needs.

Standard full-length walk-in bath

Think of your typical bath, but with side-door access to full-length bathing. Full-length walk-in baths are one of the most popular shapes, allowing you to fully immerse while lying down.  These are good for when you can no longer step over the side of your normal bath but can stand from a standard bathing position with the aid of a grab rail.

Typically, the overall price of your full-length walk-in bath will depend on its size and additional features. For instance, our Empower walk-in bath and Paradise walk-in bath full-length models also come with optional power seating, making it even easier for you to manoeuvre in and out of your bath.

P-shaped walk-in bath with a shower

With its clever design, P-shaped walk-in baths combine a full-length bathing experience with a spacious shower area. Our models comes with a space-saving, inward-opening door, too – ideal for smaller bathrooms. Given its shower/bath combo and clever design, P-shaped walk-in baths typically cost more than standard full-length baths.

Standard walk-in bath with power seating

Power seating is designed to carefully lower you into your bath, giving you greater peace of mind while you bathe. Our Momentum walk-in bath comes with a remote control, making it even easier to enjoy your bath.

Due to its added functionality and installation times, powered seating will add a reasonable amount on to your overall walk-in bathtub cost. But it’s the ideal solution for bath lovers with limited mobility.

Did you know? Per capita, people in England and Wales use 145 litres of water per day.

Compact walk-in bath

Compact walk-in baths, deep tubs usually come with built-in seats, rather than power seating. They also allow you to wash in a seated position, in water that’s twice as deep as regular bathtubs. One of our most popular compact tubs, both the Assure Premier walk-in bath and Haven walk-in bath, comes with our signature hydrovescent spa, and an optional shower canopy – turning your walk-in bath into a convenient walk-in shower. These make compact walk-in baths ideal for smaller bathrooms.

compact bath

Walk-in bath with luxury extras

How much is a walk-in bathtub with hydrotherapy and chromotherapy? Again, it depends on the tub’s type and size as well as the wall and flooring choice, which would be installed along with the bath. These luxury features will add to the cost but will add to your level of relaxation.

Our most popular luxury features include:

  • StayWarm – underside and back heating for your bath seat
  • Chromotherapy – light treatment to help your emotional wellbeing
  • Thermostatic taps – blending hot and cold water into one tap
  • Hydrovescent spa – air jets designed to relax muscles and improve circulation

*Not available on all bath models

Walk-in bath with mobility aids

For total tranquillity in the bathroom, sometimes you need more than just the tub. Installing mobility aids may add to the overall walk-in bathtub cost, some may be included, but all are useful if you have limited mobility.

The most popular mobility aids include:

  • Handrails
  • Power seats
  • Bath lifts and transfer benches
  • Commodes
  • Anti-slip flooring

As you can see, walk-in bath prices vary depending on many factors. But don’t worry – the easiest way to get a clear price is by using our free consultation form to organise an appointment. It’s simple.

You just answer a few quick questions, then we’ll be in touch to organise an appointment. We then assess your needs to create a unique, fixed-price quotation for your walk-in bath.

Installation and restructuring costs

When hiring a third-party plumber, you’ll likely need to pay extra for installation, additional features, plumbing, electrics & plastering. With this route, it can be tricky to calculate your budget as it may require several tradespeople to complete the work.

Case in point being the actual size of your bathtub. This is a factor that has the potential to complicate matters, should you choose to go down the third-party route. The length and width of your bath could impact the amount of cash that you part ways with.
The average size of a bathtub in the UK is 1700mm in length and 700mm in width. A typical tub on the smaller side comes in at 1400mm-1500mm in length and 700mm in width. While a large tub usually takes up 1800mm in length and around 800mm in width.

Premier Care in Bathing provides a fully inclusive, bespoke service with fixed pricing. In other words, the quoted cost includes design, supply, and installation, meaning you don’t need to worry about any surprise fees. On average, our installation process takes around four days depending on your bathroom.

Not all baths carry the same footprint, so it’s important to factor in flooring and wall coverings into the work, as well as making good, or electrical work. A bath can also be replaced by a shower, usually using the same space which is worth keeping in mind if you are having trouble accessing your current bath and are considering different options.

VAT exemptions

Worried that walk-in bath prices will overflow your budget? You needn’t be. You could be eligible for VAT exemption if you’re living with a disability or chronic illness that affects your mobility.

That means you could save up to 20% on the walk-in bath and the installation fees. Better yet, we’ll let you know if you’re eligible once we’ve assessed your needs during our free bathroom design service.

To see how much VAT exemption could save on your walk-in bathtub cost and bathroom installation, check out our table below:

With 20% VAT Without 20% VAT
£5,000 £4,000
£8,000 £6,400
£10,000 £8,000

Did you know? England and Wales use 24 litres less per person per day than Germany.

Disabled Facilities Grant

If you’re disabled, you could also be eligible for Disabled Facilities Grants.  This is when the council helps you make improvements to your bathroom, such as installing stairlifts or adapting your bathroom lighting to make them easier to use. The size of your grant depends on your household income and your household savings of over £6,000.

(We do not offer grants or help with the process)

How much is a walk-in bathtub water bill?

In 2020, the average household water bill for England and Wales was £410, which is expected to fall over the next few years. Standard baths need about 170 litres, while big baths will use up to 250 litres. Depending on its size, walk-in baths typically use 150 to 240 litres of water.

Because walk-in baths use roughly the same volume of water as regular baths, you can expect to continue paying just over £1 per day for your annual water usage. Of course, you can save on your water bill by choosing a smaller walk-in bath.

Keen to save on your bills? Then you need to consider your boiler. If your walk-in bath holds larger volumes of water than your boiler does, you may not have enough hot water to fill up the tub, which can see your energy and water bills rise. So, it’s best to check the size of your boiler before deciding on the size of your tub.

What are the benefits of a walk-in bath?

We believe, when calculating walk-in bath prices, you need to remember you’re paying for more than just tubs and taps. Walk-in baths offer a wide range of benefits, particularly for elderly users.

The top walk-in bath benefits are:

  • Increases independence
  • Soothes muscles and joints
  • Improves circulation
  • Offers a safer bathing experience
  • Allows users with limited mobility to enjoy a bath

Premier Care in Bathing takes care of everything for you – from designing your walk-in bath to renovating the whole bathroom, allowing you to relax and focus on, well, anything else. We take your comfort seriously, which is why we take so much care when guiding you through the process.

Ready for your new walk-in bath? Just like the tubs, there’s a very simple step: use our free consultation form to organise an appointment, and we’ll be in touch to assess your needs. We’ll then offer a no-obligation, fixed-price quotation for you to consider. Don’t worry – it’s all very quick and easy.

What is the difference between a walk-in bath and commercial bath?

Commercial baths are tailored to a one size fits all approach, in that it suits everyone and there is nothing particularly special bespoke to an individual or a specific need.

Walk-in baths however, are bespoke baths that are specifically designed for those with mobility disability or having difficulty when walking, as these baths will normally have doors for easy-access as well as the capability to install various bathing mobility aids with various configurations based on your specific mobility needs.