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Choosing the Best Bath Seats for You: Our How-to Guide

Baths are a wonderful way to take time to yourself and relax. The hot water, bubbles, and calming scents soothe knotted muscles and take pressure off of joints. But bathing might not seem possible as you age or struggle with mobility issues.

A seat for a bath is the perfect solution if you love to bathe but find sitting in the tub painful or challenging. Read on for our top bath seat suggestions, where we cover comfortable, stylish and compact seat designs to suit your mobility needs.

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  1. Compact Bath Seats
  2. Bath Seats for Comfort
  3. Luxury Bath Seats
  4. Bath Seats for Mobility Disabilities
  5. Stylish Bath Seats

Why Should You Choose a Bath Seat?

Bath seats suit anyone who loves soaking in the tub but finds the experience difficult. Here are some reasons why you may benefit from a bath seat:

  • Mobility issues - Getting in and out of the bath is a struggle when you have limited mobility. And the struggle doesn’t stop once you’re sitting in the tub. Adding a seat for the bath can increase independence by catering to mobility restrictions.
  • Comfort - Bathtubs are often hard and uncomfortable. This can make it impossible to relax if you have joint pain and sore muscles, but bath seats relieve pressure for comfort.
  • Support - Stability in the bath is essential for both comfort and safety. You can enjoy your bathing experience by using a seat to improve posture and assist your spine.
  • Luxury - Sometimes, you don’t need a reason for a bath seat except that you want to enhance your bathing experience. Bath seats level up relaxing soaks, transforming them into dreamy spas with minimal effort.

Are Shower Seats and Bath Seats the Same?

Shower seats and bath seats are different because they are designed specifically for either the shower or the tub.

For example, you can get free-standing chairs and fold-down seats which fit into showers. However, they may not have the dimensions or slip-resistance qualities needed for a bath. Similarly, bath seats won’t work for showers. You can choose bath stools, benches and padded cushions to provide comfort when bathing, but these will not work in a shower.

Best Bath Seats for You

Choosing the right bath seat is essential for style, comfort and relaxation. We’ve collated a list of seats for baths so you can find one that suits your needs.

Compact Bath Seats

Not everyone has space for a luscious bath, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relax and enjoy yourself. Hook-on bath seats are ideal space savers, and they can be placed over the ridge of any tub. Extendable arms allow you to adjust to your tub size and are a budget-friendly option for small spaces. They are perfect for washing yourself in the bath without needing to lower yourself.

If you have limited space for a bath, try our Cove Walk-in Bath. Its compact design fits neatly into small spaces and has an outward-opening walk-in door. The contoured moulded backrest allows you to sit fully in the bath, so you can switch between a hook-on bath seat and integrated bathtub seating.

Bath Seats for Comfort

A bath seat for the elderly must provide back support, cushion joints, and relieve sore muscles. Bath seats with armrests give additional support and comfort to elbows and forearms, so you don’t need to hold yourself up. These types of seats can slot into the tub, but ensure the dimensions fit, and they are designed specifically for bathing.

Alternatively, you can choose an in-built bath seat with armrests, such as our Momentum Walk-in Bath. The powered seat lifts you in and out of the bath with comfort and has a slip-resistant base for grip and safety. The armrests fold down, allowing you to choose whether you want them depending on your mood and preference.

Luxury Bath Seats

Lavish bath seats are excellent options if you want to combine style and comfort. Padded bath seats are the perfect option, and you can often suction them onto the bath. The soft material cushions bones and joints from the hard tub for a serene experience.

You can complete the luxury with our Haven Walk-in Bath, which has an extra-deep seat design. This sumptuous tub fills quickly and is thermostatically controlled for the optimal temperature. If you are adding padded seating to the Haven Walk-In Bath, ensure the sizing is correct to complete your spa-like bathing.

For anyone with limited mobility who loves luxury, we suggest our Tranquillity Walk-in Bath. It has the lowest door entry available in the UK, perfect for anyone who struggles with balance, inflamed joints or needs support transitioning into the tub.

The StayWarm heated seat loosens stiff joints, and the spa system takes bathing to another level. The contoured backrest completes the design, but you can also add padded cushions as long as you check the sizing compatibility.

Bath Seats for Mobility Disabilities

Bath seats for the disabled can make moving in the bath pain-free and comfortable. Swivel bath seats are both practical and fun, allowing the user to turn their entire body without contorting muscles or putting pressure on joints. For extra assistance, install a bath lift to help you move into the tub with stability and comfort.

Mobility limitations also benefit from roomy baths, so you can stretch out in peace. Our Paradise Walk-in Bath is full-length with a lift-powered seat for easy transitions in and out of the tub. It also boasts a low-access door so you can avoid a large step, which is vital for access. If you choose to combine our Paradise Bath with a swivel seat make a note of the size to check the seat will fit.

Although full-length tubs are ideal, not everyone with mobility issues has the space. For those who face that challenge, we suggest our Assure Premier Walk-in Bath.

Its compact design is ideal for cosy bathrooms while catering to your access needs. The low-opening door gives trouble-free entry while allowing you to soak in a tub that’s twice as deep as a traditional bath, so you don’t have to compromise on relaxation.

Stylish Bath Seats

Bath seats don’t have to stick out like a sore thumb but can blend beautifully into your bathroom. For a chic seat that provides stability and comfort, try a built-in bath seat. They are pre-installed into the tub for seamless support.

Our Assure Walk-in Bath is a prime example, with pre-integrated seating for a smooth finish. The low-entry door tends to your mobility needs, and the depth provides room to soak while sitting upright. With thermostatically controlled mixer taps, you can choose your ideal temperature and enjoy the luxury of a stylish bath seat.

If a style is essential to you and you have a spacious bathroom, our Empower Walk-in Bath is a wonderful option. The chromotherapy walk-in bath is full-length and comes with a lift-powered seat so you can get in and out with security and luxury. The side-entry door allows easy access and is fully suctioned for a soothing soak.

Relax in Comfort and Style With The Best Bath Seat

Baths don’t need to become a thing of the past with the right bath seat. Premier Care will help you relax in comfort with low-access doors, space-saving designs and pre-installed bath seats for the ultimate bathing experience.