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The accessible bathroom jargon guide

bathroom for elderly

Premier care bathroom products include many fantastic features and options to make your bathing more comfortable and most importantly, safer. We realise that it’s also important to be clear and able to provide customers with any additional explanation they may need.

Fear not, we’ve compiled a useful list including all terms and information you may find on our website when looking for a new product.

Thermostatic safety control / (TMV) Thermostatic mixing valve

One of the biggest safety features on our walk-in showers, is a thermostatic safety control, which is set to improve your showering experience. In simple words, a thermostatic shower valve allows you to have a safe, constant water temperature, by mixing the hot and cold water supplies. You can choose the temperature you prefer and the thermostatic valve will do the job for you, giving you safety and comfort whilst taking a shower. If there is an increase in hot water or vice versa, the mixing valve will expand in order to let some cold water through, keeping your skin safe from scalding.


Limescale, hard water stains and mould. Cleaning a shower is something we would all like to avoid doing, even more so as we get older. It requires time and can also be dangerous, due to slippery surfaces that can cause injuries. Our walk-in baths and showers include a PremClear protective coating. A cutting-edge feature that works to reduce the build-up of limescale. Thanks to our glass protection system, keeping your shower clean and smear free will be easier than ever.


The excessive moisture in your bathroom can often lead to mould condensation as well as increasing bacterial growth. Not only do walk-in showers create less moisture, but our options also include a built-in PremShield feature. As the word suggests, it works like a protective shield that help reduce bacterial growth in your shower by 99%, keeping your bathroom more hygienic, fresher and cleaner.

StayWarm Heated Seat

If you’re looking for the ultimate spa experience whilst taking a comforting bath, then look no further than our walk-in baths with integrated StayWarm Heated Seat. The StayWarm luxury feature will heat up both the underside and back of your seat, keeping you warm when waiting for the water to fill. Heated seats can also help alleviate back pain, whilst providing you with an optimum temperature and great comfort for your entire bath. Ask one of our team about our luxury options for a sensational bathing experience here.

No Door Design

A no door design is exactly what the name describes: a shower without doors, which is one of the main characteristics of walk-in showers. A no door option has been designed for easy entry and exit to make it more accessible for people with flexibility or mobility problems. You can choose to customise your shower experience to suit your requirements and preferences. Premier Care also offers a sliding door option, with easy-glide, fingertip control, as well as a half-height door, which enables a carer to assist when taking a shower.

With endless options and luxury features to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

If you have any doubts or questions, or you’d like to have more information on a particular product or feature, you can call us on

0800 280 0239 or just leave a comment below.