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Which type of accessible bathroom is best for me?

accessible bathroom

When looking for an accessible bathroom, it can be quite a daunting task. You will want to ensure that your bathroom works for you to help you keep your independence, but also continues to help you and your family bathe safely for years to come.

But what type of accessible bathroom is right for you? We’ve outlined some of the key points below, to help you make the right decision.

Walk-in bath

When you are thinking about the right kind of accessible bathroom, you need to think about your own levels of mobility, as well as anyone else that might need to use your bathroom – for example, people you live with. If you find that standing up for long periods of time isn’t achievable for you, or you prefer a soak to a shower, then a walk-in bath may be suitable for your bathroom.

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It’s also important to think about your mobility to ensure that you get a bathroom that really works for you, and will continue to work for you as you get older.

Momentum Bath with Powered Seat Lift from Premier Care in Bathing on Vimeo.

If you have trouble raising and lowering yourself into the bath, consider a model that has a leg-lifter, such as the Momentum. This can help raise and lower you into the bath and ensures that you are not struggling with this movement yourself. This product really allows you to keep your independence when bathing, and we’re here to talk you through the best options for you.

Alternatively, if a bath lift is not for you, consider a smaller but taller bath. Walk-in baths like the Assure or Tranquillity are both more compact and upright. They have low-level access doors, and slip resistant surfaces inside. The seats are taller, meaning that there is less exertion required to sit and bathe than there would be in a lower bath.

Browse our range of walk-in baths or learn more about how this type of bath works.

Walk-in shower

Walk-in Showers from Premier Care in Bathing on Vimeo.

However, if you experience stiffness in your hips and knees and need to stretch out a bit, a compact walk-in bath might not be for you. In this case, you could consider a walk-in shower with a seat.

All of our walk-in showers offer the option of a folding or built-in seat, which can really help if you have mobility problems. You are able to stay seated whilst showering, but you have more space to stretch your legs.

If you do require a seat, all of our showers, like the Revive offer the option of a folded seat, whereas the Restore comes with an integrated seating area for extra comfort when showering.

If you require assistance while bathing, a walk-in shower may give you that extra space that you need.

And what about a wet room?

Stimulate Wet Room from Premier Care in Bathing on Vimeo.

Wet rooms can be another alternative to consider when looking at accessible bathrooms, especially if you’re looking to maximise the space that you have. If you’ve used a walk-in shower whilst in a wheelchair, access may become a problem.

While some larger walk-in showers, like the Enrapture or Revive may give you extra room, always consider a wet room if you need level access.

Even the lowest of shower trays have a small threshold, but with a wet room, the access is level with the floor and the entire room is free for you to move around in.

If you do use a wheelchair, you can select suitable opening doors, or even no door so you can get access straight to the shower.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s situation is different, and what works for one person may not work for another.

If you need advice, or are looking to find out exactly what the best option would be for you, why not speak to our helpful contact team?

They’re always on hand to give the best advice or arrange an in-home visit where our team can advise you on the best possible accessible bathroom for you.