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How our thermostatic bath filler makes for a safer bathing experience

Bath fillers come in all shapes and sizes, from small add-ons that stick inside a bath, to spouts and even taps. They’ve become a lot more popular recently, with minimalist designs becoming more and more common in bathrooms.

But what is a thermostatic bath filler? And how can it make your bathing experience safer?

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  1. What is a thermostatic bath filler?
  2. Why is a safe bath temperature important?
  3. How does a thermostatic bath filler make bathing safer?
  4. How do I get a thermostatic bath filler?

What is a thermostatic bath filler?

A thermostatic bath filler is a kind of tap that fills the bath, but it also contains a thermostat inside it. This thermostat controls the water temperature and adjusts the flow of the cold and hot water to keep the temperature constant at all times.

This means that the water is centrally controlled and stays at the same temperature you set it to, instead of fluctuating. The water is always at a safe, consistent temperature, even if other people in the house are using the taps, washing machine or dishwasher.

Why is a safe bath temperature important?

It’s important to get the water temperature right for a few reasons. Your comfort, relaxation and hygiene are all affected by the water temperature. More importantly though, it can be detrimental to your safety - especially for young children and elderly people who may have sensitive skin. Bathwater that is too hot can cause burns, while water that is too cold can lead to hypothermia. Read our helpful post to find out what the ideal bath temperature is.

How does a thermostatic bath filler make bathing safer?

By relying on the thermostat to control the temperature of the water, you avoid making the bath too hot. This can be quite dangerous when you have a walk-in tub, as you cannot simply get out of the bath.

With a traditional tap system, if the water comes out too hot, you need to manually change the cold tapto make it colder.This can result in a lot of effort when trying to draw a bath and in some instances, you may even risk being scalded.

However, with a thermostatically controlled bath filler, the water temperature is consistent to whatever you set it, so you can be sure that the bath water will be a safe temperature.

How do I get a thermostatic bath filler?

At Premier Bathrooms, all of our walk-in baths and powered baths come fitted with our standard thermostatic bath fillers. This is a simple to use tap, which can be specified to be either with or without a shower mixer attachment.

However, if you’re looking for something that better suits your style, we also have a full range of bath fillers and taps. They have all been chosen to complement our baths.

Every one of our thermostatically controlled bath fillers is compliant with TMV regulations, which is the highest rating available for thermostatic valves.

You can also get a thermostatically controlled mixer for your walk-in shower. This helps to prevent changing temperatures when showering and is especially helpful if there are other people in your house who use the taps or toilets whilst you’re showering!

Not sure if a thermostatic bath filler is right for you? Why not talk to one of our lovely contact team members, who will be able to answer any questions that you have.

Alternatively, you can always request a brochure to help you get a bit more information about our range of products at your own pace.