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Assisted Bathing Guide: What is it & How Can it Help Your Bathing


As part of a daily routine, bathing and showering can become a little more difficult as you get older. It can also become more challenging to manage if you have accessibility issues. This is where assisted bathing comes in. A redesign from a standard bathroom to an assisted bathroom can provide a safer, more comfortable and more independent bathing experience.

Our in-depth guide takes a more detailed look into assistive bathing and the many benefits of bathroom aids available for elderly users and those with mobility issues. From walk-in showers and walk-in baths to other extra bathing safety features such as grab rails, foldable seats and slip-resistant flooring, there are many adaptations you can make to your bathroom to make it easier and safer to move around.

So, whether you’re a wheelchair user, have limited mobility or are starting to find bathing just that little bit more challenging, read on to find out how assisted bathing and assisted bathrooms can transform your experience and help you to become more independent in the bathroom.

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  1. Walk-in Baths
  2. Baths with a built-in seat
  3. Other bath aids
  4. Walk-in Showers

Walk-in Showers & Baths: How Can They Help?

There are a variety of walk-in showers and baths designed with your safety and other personal needs in mind. Offering accessible features such as slip-resistant surfaces, foldable bath seats, easy-access doors and grab rails, walk-in shower designs are an ideal option for elderly users and those facing mobility issues.

Walk-in Baths

If you find yourself needing help getting in and out of the bath but love nothing more than a calming, relaxing soak, you don’t need to give up hope. There are lots of alternative, assisted bath types that can help.


Walk-in baths come with a door built into the side, helping to reduce the risk of a fall. Designed for your convenience and with your safety in mind, some walk-in baths also offer a powered seat for easier access, meaning it can lower and raise elderly users and those with limited mobility, effortlessly.

You can also choose additional safety features for your assistive bathing experience, such as a grab bar, to give you even more reassurance as you lower yourself in and out of the bath.

Offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your bathroom space and your individual needs, walk-in baths cater to a host of users. You can even indulge in a full-length walk-in bath to make your assisted bathing experience that little bit more stylish and luxurious.

Baths with a built-in seat

As well as powered seats for easy maneuvering, walk-in baths can also come with a built-in seat. Sitting at the opposite end of the taps, these seats serve the same purpose as a portable bath seat but offer more comfort for your assistive bathing experience.

If a more luxurious soak is what you’re looking for, these baths may not be the most suitable as the seat can be an obstacle when it comes to reclining. They also require upper body strength in order for you to lower yourself into the bath, so may not be ideal for certain ages and mobility needs.

Other bath aids

There are other features that can make assistive bathing easier and more comfortable. For example, thermostatically controlled mixer taps can be installed to eliminate any risk of scalding.

And for that added peace of mind, you can even experiment with the latest in bath overflow technology with bath fillers from Premier Care in Bathing. Using Mira Mode technology, there’s no longer a need to turn the taps constantly to find the right temperature - it does the job for you.

Walk-in Showers

The Revive attractive shower

As you grow older and experience limited mobility, you might find using a bath more difficult. You might also be looking for something different to a walk-in bath. In these cases, you can create an assisted bathroom by adding a walk-in shower.

A walk-in shower doesn’t have a step, making it perfect for the elderly and those with mobility restrictions. They are also a very helpful option for anyone who requires extra support and safety when bathing.