How does a walk-in bath work?

Few parts of our routine are as relaxing as bath time. The stresses and strains of everyday life seep away as we soak in soapy, luxuriant water – but what happens when getting in and out of the bath starts to cause its own headaches? Back in the days, the only solution was to give up bathing altogether – but the advances in bathroom design mean that reduced mobility needn’t stop you spending time in the bath. With a walk-in bath, you can continue to soak in comfort without having to endure the cumbersome climb into the tub.

Read on, as we detail everything you need to know about walk in baths.


What is a walk-in bath?

A walk-in bath is an easy-access bathing solution – which includes a watertight door, so users can enter the bath without having to step over the side of the tub.

How does a walk-in bath work? 

1. Getting in

In a walk-in bath, part of the tub wall is replaced by a watertight door. Rather than having to climb over the bath wall and into the tub, you can simply open the door and enter the bath via a low-entry step.


2. Filling

Once the door is closed and sealed, you can begin filling the bath to your optimum temperature with our thermostatic bath filler – which comes as standard with all our walk in baths, and ensures your safety while bathing.


3. Relaxing

Once filled, simply soak, and unwind – enjoying the benefits of warm, restorative water.


4. Draining

When you have finished bathing, you can begin emptying the tub – which must be fully drained before the user opens the door and exits, to avoid water spillage. Heated seats can be added to some walk-in baths to increase comfort during the filling and draining process.


What are the benefits of a walk-in bath?

For those with reduced mobility, a walk-in tub can help take the stress out of the bathing process. The low-level door access makes getting in and out of the tub much safer and easier than in a standard bath – so if stepping over the tub wall has started to become a challenge, a walk-in bath can ease the strain on your body and mind.

Plus, our walk-in baths feature a range of safety features as standard – including grab bars, slip-resistant floors, and contoured seats – to ensure your bathing experience is as safe and comfortable as possible.


The potential benefits of walk-in baths are endless. Many who’ve previously struggled to bathe without assistance have found their independence restored by walk ins; likewise, those faced with the prospect of giving up bathing altogether have discovered they can continue to enjoy soaking in warm, restorative waters.

And bathing itself has so many benefits – from soothing aches and pains to improving circulation and helping reduce stress. Studies have even shown that a soak in the tub can help you get a better night’s sleep.


Even those who prefer showering but are struggling to stand for long periods may find a walk-in bath to be an ideal solution – hand-held showers can be added on some models which can be used while you sit in comfort.

And don’t forget, walk-in baths can be customised with chromotherapy, heated seats, and a range of spa options.

Does a walk-in bath really make bathing safer?

Yes. Simply removing the need to hurdle the bath wall reduces the risk of a bathroom fall – while the addition of grab bars and slip-resistant flooring makes getting in and out of the bath a much safer process.

What are the different types of walk-in baths?


Full-length walk-in baths: Full-length walk-in baths are almost identical to standard tubs – the major difference being that part of the bath wall is replaced with a watertight door. Since full-length walk ins tend to have similar dimensions to regular baths – and can easily occupy the space where a normal bath once stood – they are a popular choice for those upgrading to mobility bathrooms. Our full-length walk-in models, Empower and Momentum, come with motor powered riser seats, further increasing comfort and ease of access for the bather.


Short-length walk in baths: If space is a concern, you may want to consider one of our shorter, deeper walk-in models – Haven, Cove, Assure and Tranquility. All feature motor powered riser seats and low-level, step entry – with Tranquility featuring the lowest door entry available in the UK.


P-shaped walk-in baths: P-shaped walk ins are perfect for those who prefer a shower-bath combination experience – since they offer a little extra space, perfect for showering while in the tub. Our Paradise walk in features a lift powered seat and an inward opening door, which allows it to fit into narrower bathrooms despite its size.

Can I still have a walk-in bath if I have a smaller bathroom?

At Premier Care, we have a range of walk-in baths to fit bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Those short on space may want to consider our deeper, short-length walk in models – Haven even features an inward opening door, making it a great option for smaller bathrooms.


How do I know which walk in bath to choose?

If you’re struggling to decide which of our walk-in baths is perfect for you, why not get a free brochure or book a free, no-obligation survey to assess your installation options and receive a price quotation.

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