What is StayWarm Heated Seat?

Easily set at the touch of a button, the heated seat comes with the reassurance of an automatic cut-off mechanism, ensuring that it doesn’t rise above the perfect temperature for you.


Bathing has never been more indulgent, so enquire now to learn more about how this can be added to your luxury bath.


This luxury option also provides a perfect and warming comfort in the cooler months when waiting for the water to fill and drain away at the end of the bath. This is especially useful for walk-in baths, since you cannot open the door of the bath until the water has drained fully.

How could the StayWarm Heated Seat benefit you?

Having the StayWarm Heated Seat for your bath ensures you never experience anything other than a delightfully perfect temperature. StayWarm allows you to remain content at an optimum temperature for your entire bath. The system is a very safe option to keeping yourself warm in the bath as it prevents needing to add hot water to the bath, thereby reducing the risk of burning or scalding yourself.


Alongside chromotherapy, hydrovescent bathing and sound therapy, this luxury option can be added to your bath to deliver the height of soothing bathing experiences. Request an appointment to learn more about how this can be provided. If walk-in showers and wet rooms are more your bathing style, then discover more about these products here.

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