Chromotherapy Baths

Natural light treatment is a luxury option for your bath that promotes well-being

What is chromotherapy bathing?

Chromotherapy is an ancient, natural treatment that practitioners believe uses the energy inherent in specific light waves to enhance emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.


Chromotherapy, or colour therapy, focuses on applying different colours or lights in your luxury bath.


This then targets specific conditions including depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, cramps and many other conditions by pinpointing specific parts of the body called ‘chakras’.

How can Chromotherapy Baths benefit you?

By adding this therapeutic system to your bathing, it can heighten the relaxation and stress-relief that we usually experience, making it feel even more luxury than before. With our daily lives becoming more hectic with evolving technologies and ways of communication, having such a space to unwind and ‘switch off’ is fast making chromotherapy’s soothing effects gain in popularity.


Our innovative system creates light waves in a variety of colours to offer you a range of benefits such as influencing the flow and amount of energy levels within the body, boosting positive well-being by influencing your moods and emotions.


The light settings within our chromotherapy baths offer up to 7 permutations for the user to select from, enabling you to focus on the attributes associated with certain light waves that you desire, putting you in control. If you would like to know more about chromotherapy bathing and how we can provide this for you, you can request an appointment below. Our baths go beyond chromotherapy however.


Other luxury options for your bath include hydrovescent spa massages, sound therapy and heated seating which warms the underside and back of the bath seat. We not only specialise in walk-in baths, but also easy-access showers and luxury wet rooms.

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