How much water does a walk-in bath use?

Baths come in all shapes and sizes, so water usage is an important concern when choosing your tub. Despite their greater depth, upright walk-in baths do not all use more water than a standard bath. A walk-in bath uses between 150 and 240 litres of water, whereas a standard bath requires around 170 litres of water – with bigger baths using up to 250 litres of water.

One important consideration is the size of your boiler: if your walk-in bath holds more water than your boiler, you may not have enough hot water to fill your walk-in bath. Customers with smaller boilers may want to consider our smaller models, Haven, Assure and Tranquility.

How long does a walk-in bath take to fill?

Since the user has to enter a walk-in bath before filling can begin, fill time is understandably a common concern. A walk-in bath typically takes 10-15 minutes to fill – although the exact fill time will mainly depend on your water pressure and the bath itself. A pressurised cylinder will fill the bath quicker than a tank-and-storage cylinder or combination boiler, which both fill at roughly the same speed.

How quickly does a walk-in bath drain?

As with filling, customers have to remain in a walk-in bath for the entire draining process – since attempting to open the door during draining will lead to water spillage. So naturally, drain-time is at the forefront of many prospective customers’ minds. Like fill-time, the time a walk-in bath takes to drain depends on the bath itself, as well as your drainage – but most walk-in baths should drain within eight minutes. As the water lowers you can start to dry the top half of your body whilst comfortably sat or stood in the bath.

If a quick drain-time is one of your criteria, then you could consider a model like The Cove which is equipped with a dual waste system for faster drainage.

Purchasing a heated seat – available with all our walk-in baths – can also help increase comfort and reduce the risk of chilling during the draining period.

How do I know which walk-in bath is right for me?

At Premier Care in Bathing, we believe everyone should be able to bathe in comfort and safety, and will do our utmost to find a bathing solution that suits your specific needs. Should you require more information on the capacity or features of any of our walk-in baths – or if you would like a free, no-obligation survey to assess your installation options and receive a price quotation – you can call us for free on 0808 256 9272 or fill out a contact form via our website.

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