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Wet Room

What is a wet room?

Designed for easy accessibility, wet rooms are open showers or a shower which sits behind a single wall or screen.As the shower is the same level as the floor, it eliminates the need to step over anything, making it perfectly practical, especially for those with mobility issues.

At Premier Care, all our wet rooms are equipped with slip-resistant tiling for added safety. You can even find durable features, like a folding seat, to maximise your comfort.

What are the advantages of a wet room?

Wet rooms are not only a great investment now, but they can benefit you in the future too. Here are just some of the benefits of a wet room.

How does a wet room work?

A wet room is designed to make bathing as easy as possible. It gets rid of any obstacles in the way such as the shower tray and door so you can simply enter the bathroom, turn on the shower and wash.

Can you replace my bath with a shower or wet room?

Absolutely. If your accessibility needs are a priority, then a wet room or a walk-in shower provide the perfect alternative to your existing bath.