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What is StayWarm?

StayWarm is an additional comfort feature available with a number of our walk-in baths. The feature heats the underside and back of your bath seat.

What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy is an ancient natural light treatment that helps promote emotional well-being through light waves of a variety colour.

What is a thermostatic tap?

A thermostatic tap is an essential part of safe bathing. It blends both hot and cold water to maintain your ideal temperature, while also regulating the flow.

What is a thermostatic shower?

With safety in mind, a thermostatic shower allows complete control of the temperature of the water. All our showers are built with this feature to ensure there is never any risk of scalding from boiling hot water. The control also ensures you won’t be surprised by a freezing cold jet of water.

What is resonance sound therapy?

Resonance therapy uses sound and music to create a relaxing environment to bathe in. Sounds can help to relax muscles and mind, inducing mental and physical well-being in individuals.

What is a hydrovescent spa massage?

A hydrovescent spa massage is formed of champagne-like streams, created by air jets around the sides and bottom of the bath. These thin and gentle jets are much softer than conventional jets and can help to improve circulation as well as relax muscles and relieve inflammation.