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Which bathroom is best for wheelchair users?

For wheelchair users, our wet room designs are the ultimate in hassle-free bathing. With no need to get in or out of the shower or bath, simply manoeuvre the chair to the desired position and wash. Seats and grab rails can be placed under the shower, too, and the extra space makes it easier for carers to lend a hand.

Which bathroom is best for carer access?

Our bathrooms are designed to put ease of access first, for both you and if you need space for a carer. Our magnetic folding doors, in either tempered safety glass or polycarbonate safety glazing, are half-height to help with assisted bathing.

What are the main safety features of a walk-in shower?

For your safety and comfort, all our showers are fitted with low-access, slip-resistant trays; high-quality, tempered safety glass; and attractive, comfortable seats.

What safety features do your products have?

To ensure the ultimate stress-free and relaxing showering experience, our bathrooms can be fitted with a number of different safety features. To make your bathing safer, we fit our showers and wet rooms with slip-resistant surfacing to avoid any accidental slips or falls. Low-level access showers are also available.

Do your bathrooms have access for carers and wheelchairs?

We exist to make your bathing experience easier and more relaxing, so accessibility is always at the forefront of our minds when we are designing any new bathroom. With Premier Care in Bathing, you are able to work with us to create a bathroom which suits your every need.