What are the advantages of a wet room?

Wet rooms are not only a great investment now, but they can benefit you in the future too. Here are just some of the benefits of a wet room.

Easy access: our wet rooms are designed all on one level, so there’s nothing to step over. It’s ideal for those with mobility issues to bathe in comfort.

Space-saver: as there’s no bath or shower tray to worry about, a wet room creates a lot more space in your bathroom. Great way to maximise a small bathroom.

Future-proof: a wet room can add considerable value to your property, as they are a contemporary upgrade. With a dedicated team of experts at Premier Care, you can be rest assured your wet room will be carefully installed to perfection.

Easy-to-clean: choosing a wet room instead of a standard shower makes the hassle of cleaning a lot more straightforward. Customise your Premier Care wet room with waterproof tiles to prevent damp and mould.

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