Do your bathrooms have access for carers and wheelchairs?

We exist to make your bathing experience easier and more relaxing, so accessibility is always at the forefront of our minds when we are designing any new bathroom. With Premier Care in Bathing, you are able to work with us to create a bathroom which suits your every need.

Choose from a selection of folding doors in either tempered safety glass or polycarbonate safety glazing. Our folding doors are also available in half height to help with assisted bathing. Features such as the magnetic doors, slip-resistant low-level shower tray, folding seat and grab bars help to make our disability showers one of the best available.

For even greater access, our wet room designs are the perfection option. Allowing full wheelchair and carer access, our wet rooms are complete with mobility aids to ensure your bathing experience is safe and relaxing. The slip-resistant flooring also reduces any trips or falls. With Premier Care in Bathing you are able to design the perfect bathroom for your exact needs and allow easy bathing with the help of a carer.

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