What safety features do your products have?

To ensure the ultimate stress-free and relaxing showering experience, our bathrooms can be fitted with a number of different safety features. To make your bathing safer, we fit our showers and wet rooms with slip-resistant surfacing to avoid any accidental slips or falls. Low-level access showers are also available. For easy entry, all walk-in shower trays have the lowest available step available. The safe height provides you with little to no effort in entering the shower. Stainless steel or plastic grab bars equip the user with additional security to enter and exit the shower safely. All walk-in showers are able to include a separate drying area and some can feature a splashguard.

Our optional splashguard is designed to protect your bathroom flooring from any escaping water but also allows for a door-free shower, improving access when entering or exiting your walk-in shower. Separate drying area options are also available to improve your bathing experience even further.

A Thermostatic control allows you to keep the water at a comfortable and safe temperature. It also gives you greater control of the water pressure to suit your needs.

There’s a wide selection of door choices on offer for our walk-in showers from fixed panel to sliding door which glides with ease, to half-height doors and split-front doors for assisted bathing plus a choice of splash guards to keep the area surrounding the shower dry and slip-free.

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