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8 innovative bathroom technologies

bathroom tech

Giving our homes a smart makeover has become a key focus for many as we look toward future-proofing. Whether it’s making the most of devices connected to the Internet of Things, or simply adding innovative new products that make our lives easier.

From smart lights and controlling heating from an app to virtual assistants giving us updates on the weather and automatically adding essentials to our grocery list, we’ve come to enjoy the addition of new technologies around the home.

One space that often gets overlooked when deciding on which technologies to invest in, is the bathroom. Seen as purely a practical space, many don’t realise the wealth of smart and innovative bathroom technology options available. Designed to make our lives easier, safer or simply provide convenience, the range of bathroom technologies have come a long way from the wonders of musical toilets the Japanese are so well known for.

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Renovating or upgrading your bathroom is about more than just tiles and tap fittings these days. A room often forgotten by the tech revolution, many are now looking to create ‘the bathroom of the future’ within the next 10 years. While others may initially prefer to keep things traditional in their bathroom, the benefits of bathroom technologies may swing your vote.

Whether you’re looking to future proof your bathroom now so it will continue to benefit you for many years to come, or you’re looking for solutions that have a practical use to help with mobility issues or provide more safety, there’s plenty to choose from. We’re taking a look at the most innovative bathroom technologies so you can get to planning the next room to give a smart home boost.

  1. Facial recognition technology

The winner of innovative bathroom technology in high demand is facial recognition. While you may be wondering why you need such tech in your bathroom of all places, it soon becomes clear just how great this can be.

We all enjoy different temperature, pressure and lighting settings in the bathroom, right? What if it was perfect for you every time, no fiddling with taps and dimmers? Sounds like a story meant for Goldilocks, but this could very well be your reality.

Facial recognition technology in the bathroom could ensure you have the perfect shower or bath, every time. While it might be a little way off becoming commonplace just yet, we’re pretty sure we’d all love to not have to worry about getting the settings right every day.

  1. Digital taps

We’re all becoming more eco-conscious around the home and one of the key areas we can focus on is our water consumption. Digital taps can be a huge help with reducing how much water we use and conserve energy at the same time.

You’ve probably come into contact with smart taps in public bathrooms in recent years, using sensors to gauge when the user’s hands are under the tap and will only run water when in use. Great for those of us that forget to turn off the tap when brushing our teeth, it’s not just the sensors that make these digital taps smart.

Digital temperature controls and programmable features enable timings and temperature to be set conserving both money and energy, all while being eco-friendly!

  1. Underfloor heating

There’s nothing worse than stepping on cold tiles first thing in the morning or shivering the moment you step out of the shower because the room feels like it’s let in an Arctic draft. This is where underfloor heating will have a huge impact on your day.

With the ability to operate as the primary heat source in your bathroom, you can also benefit from space-saving as well as streamlining your styling (no more dated radiators to try and mask!). Underfloor heating is great for everyone but will be especially beneficial for anyone that is troubled by aches, pains and stiffness that is worse in the morning or triggered by the cold.

Underfloor heating is one of the most popular choices for innovative bathroom technologies and has seen a huge uptake in the last decade both in new build properties as well as renovations of older homes.

  1. Heated devices

While we’re on the topic of heating, a cold toilet seat isn’t comfortable either. Whether you’re up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, adding additional warmth to regularly used components of your bathroom will make it a much more inviting space, particularly in the depths of winter.

It’s not just your toilet seat and floor you can heat either, just take our StayWarm Heated Seat as an example. Many bathrooms also feature heated towel racks. Perfect for helping dry damp towels quickly and warming them so they’re toasty for when you exit the shower, they can also help reduce the moisture left by lingering damp.

  1. Digital showers

A pretty new addition to the family of smart products for your bathroom, this is definitely one innovative bit of bathroom technology to take note of. So, what exactly makes this shower so smart?

Like much of the modern smart devices our homes are now fitted with, digital showers often include their own dedicated app. This gives you the benefit of personalising your shower experience with your preferred settings. Like the water on the cooler side? No problem, you can pre-set your ideal temperature and even the duration of your shower to ensure you never lose track of time and miss the bus to work again.

  1. Anti-fog mirrors

How many times have you stepped out of the shower to get ready for your day, only to be greeted by foggy mirrors where you can’t see a thing? Leave behind the era of wiping down fogged mirrors with new anti-fog mirror technology. The ideal addition to your bathroom, it’s highly practical and will even help speed up your morning routine a smidge.

So, how do these marvel anti-fog mirrors work? When switched on, the mirror heats up to close to the surrounding air temperature meaning condensation won’t form as a result of air temperatures meeting the cold surface of the mirror. The result? A mirror that is ready when you are whether you want to do your hair, makeup, or brush your teeth, you’re ready to go immediately. No more wiping away the fog with your hand or a towel again.

  1. Adaptive lighting

Like many other rooms in the house, we usually want flexibility with the lighting in the bathroom. Dim, warm lighting for a relaxing bath after a long day, bright light for when we’re getting ready to go out and something in between for everyday use. Lighting, such as our Chromotherapy, can have a big impact on mood which is why adaptive lighting is a top innovative bathroom technology.

Smart lighting gives you the option to adjust it to suit your needs. With a warmer tone perfect for relaxation, bright lights can give you energy and wake you up in the morning. The leader in smart lighting is the Philips Hue. Smart lighting that not only adjusts perfectly to your surroundings, it also has the option of smart voice control and wireless controllers.

  1. Smart toilets

We could learn a few things from Japanese culture when it comes to innovating the technology in our bathrooms. From soaking tubs to smart toilets, they’ve been ahead of the game for years. However, traction has been building recently for smart toilets in the UK market.

Hi-tech toilets are a real game-changer. From the subtle tech to all-out wondrous features, these toilets come in all shapes and sizes. Featuring a host of options from music for privacy to hands-free with motion sensor technology and heated seats, they’re changing the way we think about toilets.

Perhaps one of the newest features is the self-cleaning toilet. Germaphobes will be pleased to know that the toilet will take care of the cleaning and are also available with anti-microbial seating now. And if you’d prefer not to have to touch the lid when using the loo? Motion sensors can help with that too.

Great for those with mobility issues, smart toilets are a huge benefit for those who could do with a little extra help around the home. From rimless designs for easier cleaning to automatic lid opening on approach and automatic cleaners and dryers, they’re all handy features.

Our bathrooms are a big part of our everyday life in the home and they shouldn’t be overlooked when you’re moving toward a smart home upgrade. By investing in as few or as many innovative bathroom technologies as you like, you can maximise the space.

It’s not only clever technology that can help transform your bathroom either if you’re looking to give your bathroom a boost, but new fittings can also have a huge impact in how you can interact with the space.

For improved accessibility, our range of walk-in baths and walk-in showers can be a great addition to modernising your bathroom. Choose from several luxury features such as Hydrovescent Spa Massage and Resonance Sound Therapy for a truly immersive experience powered by the latest bathroom tech. If you’re short on space, why not check out our wetroom options that make excellent use of limited room without compromising on style or functionality?