Evolution of the Bathroom

Comfort and relaxation in a walk in bath

Bathrooms have come a long way in the past century. However, they are still evolving and the future looks bright. Nowadays, people living with mobility issues may struggle to bathe themselves, especially when you consider 11 million people are currently living in this country with a limiting illness or issue affecting their mobility (this number has risen from 9.4 million since 2011). It’s a big proportion of society. Sometimes people with mobility impairments are overlooked when it comes to simple things like bathroom functionality and ease of use. We strive to ensure this isn’t the case and no one gets overlooked.

If you live in an older property, the chances are your bathroom may not be as accommodating as it could be. If you suffer from any mobility issues or physical problems, you’ll want the best quality products to help you. Premier Care in Bathing have designed a helpful infographic which will help you see how you could transform your life by making it easier to use your shower area. Companies like Premier Care in Bathing can play a significant role, especially when you consider one in five disabled people require their homes to be adapted to make life easier.

There are two main types of bathing equipment covered in the infographic: Walk-in Baths and Walk-in Showers. Each have their merits and are equally useful when it comes to making your bathing easier.

Walk-in Baths

Walk-in baths, for those not familiar with them, are normally high-walled baths. The walls of the bath are higher to accommodate a person being able to sit upright instead of lying down. This helps with anyone whose age or disability has made it painful to get down to floor level and back up. A walk in bath means you can enjoy the luxury of a hot bath without the stress and pain of hoisting yourself in and out. As you can see on the infographic, there is an easily accessible door on the side of the bath. You will also notice it states these doors are able to be placed on either side or even the end of the bath, depending on the shape and size of your home.

If you’re worried about water creating a hazard when on the bathroom floor, you need not be. The entirety of our walk in baths features a leak free door which means that for as long as you have the bath there will never be a leak. The baths also come with a low-level access step and slip-resistant surface. This gives you greater independence to enter and exit the bath. Independence is vital for any person and when you learn that one in two people over the state pension age are disabled it becomes even more important.

These baths are designed with you in mind.

Walk-In Showers

It is highly important people living with mobility issues have as much independence and freedom as possible, especially considering government statistics state that over a quarter of disabled people say they do not have a choice or control over their own lives. With installations like our walk-in showers, we are able to give back a certain level of freedom to anyone who needs it.

Our walk-in showers can be customised for your ease. Whether you wish to have a full height door or no door at all, we can accommodate your needs. We even provide half-height doors which allow a carer or loved one to help you if you require it when bathing.


All of the showers we supply are designed from the floor up with safety in mind. They feature a sturdy fold-down seat with accompanying hand grab bar to ensure you are as a safe and secure as possible. Another way we ensure your safety is by having all of our showers and baths fitted with thermostatically controlled taps or cool-touch controls to guarantee you are never in danger due to inconsistent water temperature.


Premier Care in Bathing are well aware for many people who use our products it can be a struggle to clean their bathrooms. Our door sealants protect against excess moisture escaping and getting into the nooks and crannies of your bathroom; which can slowly turn to mould. Secondly, our bath and shower screens have what we call a ‘PremClear’ protective coating which works to reduce the build-up of lime scale. Furthermore, the ‘PremShield’ protection built into our shower trays and hygienic tile effect walls works to reduce bacterial growth by 99%.

This makes all our solutions easy to clean – they are grout free and the glass has a protection system which means you will get a smear free finish every time.

Ease of Access

We understand that needing help bathing can cause some people embarrassment. This is one of the reasons we are here to help. We don’t want people to feel uncomfortable, especially not in their own homes and this is why we have done everything in our power to make sure your new walk in shower or bath is as easy to use as possible. Our showers are very low to the ground. They can even be sunk into certain types of floors for an even greater level of ease.

Here’s a reminder of what you can expect from one of our installations:

  • Thermostatic Taps
  • Leak-Free Door Life Time Seal Guarantee
  • Slip Resistant Surfaces
  • Low Level Access
  • ‘PremShield’ & ‘PremClean’ protection
  • Grab Bar
  • Comfortable Seats
  • Customisable Door Options (to suit your need)

More Information can be found on our easy to understand infographic. The features on the infographic are available across the whole of the Premier Care in Bathing product range. This means you know what you are getting when purchasing one of our bathing solutions and the process is as easy as it can be.

We have endeavoured to combine ease of access, safety, and hygiene into the products we manufacture and install; hopefully you agree with us after seeing the information on the infographic. If Premier Care in Bathing can help just one of the eleven million people suffering from a debilitating disease or disability, then we have succeeded.