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What accessories can I get for my Premier Bathroom?

Innovative PureLux shower mixer

When it comes to getting your Premier Bathroom, there are so many extras you can get to truly personalise your bathing experience.

But which ones should you pick? And what do they all do?

Worry no more, we’re on hand to give you a complete rundown of all the accessories you can get for your new walk-in bathroom or features used as standard on our products.


One of the big concerns about bathrooms is keeping them clean, especially for those with limited mobility. Bacteria thrive in warm and moist environments, like bathrooms, and can cause a build-up of grime.

PremClear is our solution to this problem. Whereas normal glass has a pitted surface that water and bacteria can stick to and grow in, PremClear actually repels the water and prevents the build-up from taking hold.

PremClear allows you to keep your glass clean and smear free. Cleaning it takes a simple, quick wipe to refresh it to that ‘good as new’ sparkle, helping you to shower in a clean, relaxing environment. Less time cleaning means more time relaxing. PremClear comes as standard on all of our shower screens.


However, it’s not just glass that bacteria can grow on and thrive in. Bacteria can also stick to the walls, as well as the bath or shower tray.

Luckily, we’ve got the answer to this too. PremShield is our technology that disrupts bacteria’s biological function so that they cannot grow. PremShield works to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99%. We build PremShield into all our baths and shower trays during their manufacture.

The PremShield technology can provide protection against e-coli, staphylococcus aureus, aspergillus niger (which causes black mould), salmonella and MRSA. No more nasty bugs, and a cleaner bathroom – a win win all around!

Thermostatically controlled taps

A thermostatically controlled tap allows you to regulate the bath or shower water temperature, and is really the safest way to protect against scalding while you bath.

All of our walk-in and powered baths come fitted with our standard thermostatic bath filler. This is a very simple to use tap, which can be specified to be either with or without a shower mixer attachment.

Our thermostatically controlled taps are compliant with TMV regulations, which is the highest rating available for thermostatic valves, and provide against scalding in our baths. Peace of mind while you bathe.

Find out more about PremClear, PremShield and Thermostatically controlled taps.

Walk in bath accessories


Chromotherapy from Premier Care in Bathing on Vimeo.

Chromotherapy is an accessory that is available for some selected models of our walk-in baths. It is based on light therapy, a type of medicine that has existed in some cultures for thousands of years.

Light therapy is based on the principal that certain light waves – certain colours – can have an effect on the human body. Light therapy suggests that these colours can affect the emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing of a person.

In our baths, lights are fixed inside the tub to give you a full immersive chromotherapy experience, and the lights can either be fixed or cycle through a range of colours to give you a fully therapeutic bathing experience.


One concern that a lot of people have about walk-in baths is staying warm while the bath is either emptying or filling. Luckily, we came up with the perfect solution – our StayWarm seats.

StayWarm is designed to do exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a heated seat that sits in the frame of the walk-in bath, to keep your seat and back warm whilst you soak.

The StayWarm comes with an automatic cut-off to prevent overheating, to give you peace of mind during your soak.


Our Resonance system is based on sound therapy, the use of music and sounds to create a relaxing environment to bathe in. Sounds can help to relax muscles and mind, inducing mental and physical wellbeing in individuals.

The Resonance system is attached to the shell of your walk-in bath, and uses the shell to project the sound into your bathroom, giving you a relaxing environment in which to totally unwind.

Resonance is compatible with all Apple and Android systems, and can be operated through Bluetooth. Time to relax to your favourite songs, or that relaxing audiobook that you’ve been meaning to finish.


Hydrovescent from Premier Care in Bathing on Vimeo.

Ever wanted to have your own mini Jacuzzi in your tub? With Hydrovescent, you can.

Hydrovescent is based on water therapy using powerful jets to engulf the bather with bubbles of air. It works through a series of jets that are placed around the bath. These jets pump out small bubbles of clean air to gently massage you.

These bubbles can help relax your muscles, stimulate your skin and induce physical wellbeing. If you are suffering with arthritis, diabetes, sciatica or migraines, you may find that Hydrovescent is able to reduce the severity of the symptoms and cause you less pain. A truly relaxing soak.

Get in touch to find the right walk-in bath accessories for you.

Walk in shower accessories

Walk-in Showers from Premier Care in Bathing on Vimeo.


If you’re looking for a more luxurious showering experience, the Monsoon shower head is definitely for you. Monsoon is a large designer chrome rain shower head that gives you the perfect balance between performance and contemporary styling.

The Monsoon has a sleek chrome finish, and built-in thermal cartridge technology that delivers a safe water temperature at all times.

Monsoon also comes with a fail-safe on the hot and cold water supplies, giving you more peace of mind while you shower.

Innovative shower mixer


Our PureLux shower mixer is truly one of the most innovative uses of technology in bathing, allowing you to operate your walk-in shower using a remote battery powered wireless controller. This wireless controller gives you absolute accuracy when setting both the temperature and flow of the shower.

PureLux comes with easy-to-use push buttons for temperature control, and a single lever to change the flow. It also has four pre-set flow settings: eco, low, medium and high.

The large digital display clearly shows the temperature and flow on the outside, so there are no surprises when you get into the shower, and can be situated up to 10m away from the shower mixer, so that you get the perfect temperature before you get in.


CoolTouch is one of the shower mixers we offer at Premier Care in Bathing. It’s a simple and easy to use shower mixer that provides an extra layer of safety, providing you with peace of mind while you shower.

Our revolutionary technology ensures that the walk-in shower unit stays cool while in use, so there is no danger of scalding yourself if you touch the shower unit. The thermostatic cartridge delivers a safe and constant water temperature, with easy-to-use controls for those who suffer with limited mobility.

CoolTouch also comes with an easy-grip shower head, and large push buttons for easy use.


AquaPure is another shower mixer, but it is a thermostatic electric shower with digital LED display and independent temperature and flow controls. AquaPure also has easy to use push power buttons on the front, which memorise the previous temperature and flow settings from last use.

AquaPure comes in a very modern, high gloss white finish with co-ordinating chrome accessories.

Want more information about any of the accessories we’ve talked about here? Why not request a brochure? Alternatively, if you’ve questions, our lovely contact team are always on hand to help! Simply give us a call.