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Indulgent bathing experience with Resonance sound therapy

  • In: Health | 10th September, 2018

Our specialised resonance sound therapy delivers the ultimate relaxation experience. Bath time meditation is becoming an increasing trend, and sound therapy can gently ease you into a meditative state.

If you’re interested in installing resonance sound therapy in your bathroom, keep reading.

How does the Resonance sound therapy work?


The Resonance system is attached to, and uses, the bath shell to project sound wirelessly from your music player. Connect your soothing music to the savvy Bluetooth system, as you soak yourself in a relaxing bath after a long day.

The Spa experience


Who wouldn’t want to re-create the spa experience in the comfort of your own home? Light some candles to create a wonderful ambience, and you’ll forget all your worries that have invaded your mind for the day.

Resonance therapy simply allows you to enjoy your “you time” and escape into your private space. We’re not advising you to skip your evening walk, but we suggest that you soak in a hot bath for a while.

A study has shown that it produces similar anti-inflammatory and blood sugar responses as 60 minutes of moderate physical exercise.

Bathing mindfully


Try something new, and focus on your senses (particularly touch, smell, and sight). By being more acutely aware of your senses, you’ll be able to fully be in tuned with your bathing experience.

Mindfulness practices go a long way, as it gives your body a sense of relief to let go as the muscles relax. Plus, with lower stress levels, you will be able to be more much productive the following day.

Research has proven that sounds alter our brainwave patterns, driving the mind into a relaxed or even to a deep meditative state. To add to the sense of peace in your bathroom, have a quick tidy up of the space around you. As the saying goes, tidy room tidy mind.

Being able to de-stress and unwind is a lovely way to end the day, and hopefully, you’ll wake up feeling much brighter too!

Better quality sleep


Combine your comforting music with an increase in water temperature to successfully set you up for a restful night’s sleep.

Joyce, PhD, associate professor at New York University School of Medicine states, "If you raise your temperature a degree or two with a bath, the steeper drop at bedtime is more likely to put you in a deep sleep"

Not only will this ease the tension in your muscles, but it’ll also give you a better quality of sleep.

To feel extra cosy after your soothing bath, make sure that you’ve got a fluffy towel on the side to dry off before stepping into your robe.

If you’d like to get in touch with one of our specialists, please give us a call or register for a brochure at your own time to find out more about our walk-in baths and walk-in showers.