What is Hydrovescent Spa Massage?


By harnessing the power of water, combined with gentle pulsating air massage jets, you will feel completely relaxed and at ease with your bathing experience.


By adding a hydrovescent bathing system to your walk-in bath, you can make your experience all the more luxurious, giving it an authentic spa feel.


With more people learning about the benefits of hydrovescence, interest in this therapeutic technique is rising.


Ideal for those with chronic aches and pains, the warm air jets aim to create a stream of tiny, champagne-like bubbles that gently massage the body, helping improve your circulation.

How can the Hydrovescent Spa Massage benefit you?


With a much lighter touch than many conventional jets, the stream of soothing air bubbles helps to relax muscles and relieve inflammation in joints. By creating a sense of weightlessness within the water, you will be allowed relief from pressure and joint pain experienced throughout your body.


The naturally soothing hot water paired with the slight pressure of the water jets will dispel any stress or tense aches, helping relax your muscles to stimulate and improve circulatory and immune health.


Additionally, you can enhance your luxury hydrotherapy experience by adding spa treatments such as light and aromatherapy or the addition of salts to create that overall day-spa feel. Other luxury installations such as chromotherapy bathing, heated seats and resonance sound therapy can further heighten your bathing experience too. Also discover more about luxury shower units and wet rooms if these are your preferred bathing style.

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