How a Premier Bathroom can assist you

Easy bathing in the vitalise walk in shower

For the elderly and disabled daily life can be difficult. Coping with the modern world and all of the obstacles that it throws up takes a lot of time and energy, something which can be in short supply.

However, there is one way that you can make life a little easier for yourself and that's by installing some specially designed fixtures and fittings into your bathroom.

Just a few small alterations can transform the space, making it safe, easy and enjoyable to use.

Walk-in baths

Walk-in baths are ideal for those with poor or restricted mobility. These easy to use and easy to install fixtures allow the elderly and disabled to move in and out of the bath without the fear of slipping or falling.

You can make your bath time even more special by investing in an extra deep bath, allowing you to luxuriate in style and comfort.

Walk-in showers

Getting in and out of the shower is one of the most dangerous bathroom activities for people of all ages. In fact, around a third of all bathroom-related injuries occur in this area.

To make your shower safer and easier to use, you could invest in a walk in shower that's flush to the ground. This means that you don't need to step up or down to get in or out of the shower.

You could also look at installing a shower seat so that those with muscle weakness or stiffness can sit down during their shower.

Practical design

Apart from providing great products, Premier Care in Bathing also offer a full design and installation service to its customers. This means that your entire bathroom can be specially designed around your needs, with all of your fixtures, fittings and furnishings built to suit you.

Saving time and energy

Whether you opt for a complete redesign or just choose a few adaptable units, having a bathroom that caters for the elderly or disabled can dramatically transform your life.

Not only does it make using your bathroom safer, an adapted bathroom could give an elderly and disabled person the confidence that they to use the facilities independently.

Specially designed units will also save time and energy for both the users and their carers as all of the fittings are purpose designed and purpose built. This can be a great benefit when it comes to navigating potentially difficult situations and ensuring the user feels comfortable, safe and dignified when using the bathroom.

Making bath time a treat

Whatever your level of ability, bath time should always be a bit of a treat. Whether you like to luxuriate in a bubble bath or wake up with a refreshing shower, a Premier Care in Bathing can help to get every day off to a great start.

If you've been struggling with your current bathroom fittings, don't suffer unnecessarily. Have a look at Premier Care in Bathing today and you could be enjoying a relaxing soak before you know it.