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Money falling out of a jar

Planning ahead: teaching your kids about saving for their future

Money isn’t the route to all happiness, but it can certainly take the pressure off everyday life. Teaching your children…
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Living room

How to “Marie Kondo” your lifestyle

When you hear the term ‘spark joy’, what does it mean for you? Chances are, it may not resonate, or…

Does Your Home Promote Your Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is the trendy buzzword of the moment and for good reason. Studies now show feelings of wellbeing are essential…
smart home

7 ways smart home technology can make your life easier

From improved security to healthcare we look at 7 ways in which smart home technology can make life easier, leaving…

Should water be a national priority

Is the UK facing a water shortage crisis? As a notoriously rainy country, you might think the answer is no.

7 Natural Cleaning Products for Your Bathroom

A clean bathroom is a vital household chore. It is also a chore that can expose you and your family…
how to clean your bathroom

How to clean your bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home, so there’s no surprise that it can get…
The best houseplants to detoxify the air in your home

The best houseplants to detoxify the air in your home

A healthy environment is vital to our wellbeing, both emotional and physical, and houseplants are said to contribute to both…
Netflix shows

Great Netflix shows for older viewers

There’s no better pastime than getting cosy on the sofa, and indulging in some great TV shows. So here’s a…

Which plants should I plant and when?

Doing regular exercises can feel tedious, gardening could be the perfect way to help improve your endurance and strength.