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What type of shower unit can I get for my walk-in shower?

Shower control panel

When it comes to your walk-in shower, you can still personalise things and everything is designed to make bathing that bit easier.

But what types of shower and shower units and mixers can you get for your walk-in shower? We’ve rounded them up below, so just keep reading.


cooltouch shower

There is sometimes the danger of potentially scalding yourself on the taps whilst showering. This is especially true if you find yourself holding onto the taps to steady yourself occasionally.

However, with our CoolTouch technology, the danger of scalding yourself is completely removed. We build in a thermostatic cartridge into the shower mixer, which delivers a safe and constant water temperature, whilst also keeping the shower unit cool during use.

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CoolTouch also helps if you suffer with limited mobility, as it has an easy-grip shower head, along with large push buttons for ease of use.

CoolTouch makes showering safe and secure, and can provide you with extra peace of mind while you shower.


monsoon shower

If you’re looking for a more luxurious showering experience? Take a look at the Monsoon.

Monsoon is our luxurious shower head, designed to give you a more enjoyable showering experience. It’s a large, rain shower head that delivers the perfect balance between performance and contemporary styling.

The Monsoon shower head comes in a sleek, modern chrome finish, with a 1.5m stainless steel hose. There is also a built in integrated flow diverter that can easily switch the flow from the handset to the rain head spray, as well as a thermal cartridge that delivers water at a safe, consistent temperature.

The Monsoon shower head even comes with a fail-safe on both the hot and cold water supplies, so you never have to worry about being scalded by the water. A truly luxurious experience that gives you total peace of mind.


AquaPure shower mixer

If you’re looking for an easy to use shower mixer, look no further than the AquaPure.

The AquaPure is a thermostatic electric shower mixer that has a digital LED display on the front, as well as independent temperature and flow controls.

The AquaPure has easy an easy to use push power button, and it memorises the previously used temperature and flow settings, so there is minimal fuss when it comes to setting the temperature and flow each time it is used.


purelux shower

One of our best shower mixers is the PureLux, a real innovation in technology for bathing.

PureLux is a battery-powered wireless controller for your walk-in shower, giving you absolute accuracy when setting both the temperature and flow of the shower.

One of the major benefits of PureLux is being able to pre-set the temperature and flow of your shower before you get in. No more leaning into the shower and getting cold and wet while you turn the shower on.

Instead, you can situate the PureLux controller anywhere in the bathroom up to 10m from the shower. Simply set the temperature and flow using easy to use push buttons, and get into your shower at the perfect temperature! Ideal.

Want more information about any of the shower accessories we’ve talked about here? Why not request a brochure? We don't only offer accessible showers, so if you would like to explore some different options for your bathroom then see our range of disability-friendly baths and luxurious wet rooms. Alternatively, if you’ve questions, our lovely contact team are always on hand to help! Simply give us a call.