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Fun exercise classes for the over 60s

fun exercise classes for the over 60s

Slow down and take it easy has been the evergreen mantra for the over 60s. A stroll around the golf club, a spot of boules at lunchtime, there’s always a focus around the inevitable aging and how we should accept getting weaker. Yet, maybe there’s a way to support a changing body by encouraging exercise to help our mind keep up.

Fun Exercise Classes

Simply defined as anything that gets the body moving, exercise can be a range of activities from running to rowing that benefit your body physically and mentally.

As we get older, even though we may tend to hold more knowledge and experience than younger people, the mind starts to react slower, but exercise can be a great way to improve this and add years to your life.

Exercise is a crucial health benefit no matter your age, and even in your 60’s and beyond it’s no different.

Why exercise is so important

Exercise can help to enhance your energy levels, your independence, illness or aches as well as contributing to weight loss. Whether it’s taking a walk with your dog or a local yoga class, it can be a small step to huge rewards.

As well as contributing to great physical benefits, there’s also plenty of mental rewards from exercise. From improving concentration levels, boosting your memory to your overall mental health, there’s no escaping the power exercise can have.

With an improved mental health, your new found positive outlook and heightened self-esteem will also help when it comes to socialising and meeting new people.

Where do I start?

To start seeing such benefits through exercise it’s advised that you perform 150 minutes of moderate activity every week.

This can be anything from gardening to a recreational sport, just as long as you get the body moving and the heart racing.

Getting active isn’t just about adding years to your life, it’s about adding life to you years.

There are many exercise classes out there to suit everyone, meaning you can maintain your health, have fun and even make a new group of friends – all at the same time!

You’re only as old as you feel, so why not make it fun? Here’s how to get started.

Charity organisations like Age UK run plenty of local exercise classes so it’s easy for you to get involved in your community.


These relaxed classes cover a range of dance genres, like ballroom and Latin, so you can impress your family at home. This is an enjoyable way to start getting fit, improve your social skills and increase your brain and memory functionality.


An ancient Indian form of exercise that focuses on slow and controlled movements to help improve your core muscles and flexibility. With a series of stretching and breathing techniques, you’ll notice your balance and strength really improve. Most exercises are performed sitting or lying down.

Yoga fun class

Seated exercises

Chair-based exercise perfectly suitable for individuals with reduced mobility. This is a great way to improve your posture and balance as well as getting social and meeting new people.


Tai Chi

An ancient Chinese martial art practice is now a common activity amongst many elderly individuals. It combines slow and repetitive movements to support your balance and co-ordination. Encouraging yourself to focus only on the movements can help to create a calm state of mind.

Walking clubs

This is a great way to explore your local area, perfect if you’re looking or have just moved, whilst getting all the wonderful benefits of exercise. Spending time outdoors can also help to de-stress you and help you to focus.


A great feeling after having exercised is coming home knowing you relax. Taking a soothing bathe in a comforting bath is a great way to relax your muscles and cleanse your body after a hard-work exercise class.

For more information, our blog post on easy exercises for muscle stimulation in seniors is a great way to discover more exciting ideas.