10 of the best multigenerational holiday destinations

  • In: Travel | 3rd September, 2018
Children in the playground

Multigenerational holidays are on the rise, with around two thirds of families in the UK having already tried one. It makes sense, allowing for the kids to get a period of prolonged interaction with the grandparents. Grandparents are living longer, happier, healthier lives too – so they’ll have the energy to keep up with the children.

But where exactly should you be venturing off to? What will keep all parties happy? Fear not, we’re on hand to help – with our list of 10 of the best multigenerational holiday destinations.

1.      The UK

If you’re planning your first multigenerational holiday, it might be wise to go local for your first time.

The UK offers a range of different locations that are all suitable for a first-time multigenerational holiday – including East Anglia, Herefordshire, Yorkshire, and Cornwall.

House by the lake

Fill your time with early-morning walks and late-night pubs, but don’t forget to relax during the day. The real joy of multigenerational family holidays is breaking off in smaller groups that otherwise wouldn’t hang out together.

See if you can get the grandparents to take the kids to an adventure park, for example, to give the two parents some alone time.

The benefits of doing a staycation for the first time are numerous. No language barriers, as well as familiar shops and cultural habits, mean you can plan a bit better for your first time away together.

1.      Vietnam

Fancy doing something a bit more exciting than a staycation? Why not travel a bit further afield and have the experience of a lifetime.

[caption id="attachment_37501" align="alignnone" width="600"]Vietnam View of Vietnam[/caption]

Vietnam offers what can be the perfect balance of fun, history, culture and relaxation for the entire family. Still relatively untouched by western culture – and tourism – Vietnam offers a real glimpse into the life and history of the Far East.

Each generation has their own highlights. The grandparents can enjoy the history and culture of Vietnam, from the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat to modern Ho Chi Minh City. Don’t forget the beaches, however, which offer the perfect spot for the kids to play, and the parents to relax.

1.      Iceland

Feeling the need to get away somewhere super remote? Why not explore Iceland? Northern Iceland’s Troll Peninsula has some lovely, large lodges that can accommodate the entire family under one roof.

View of Iceland

Don’t think there’s enough to keep you and the family entertained in the Icelandic wilderness? Think again.

You can try your hand at fly fishing, cross-country skiing, driving snowmobiles, tubing, sea kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking.

Looking for something more relaxing for the grandparents? Nothing like a relaxing soak in a Jacuzzi or Icelandic steam bath. For the ultimate Icelandic experience, float in a geothermally-heated outdoor pool under the Northern Lights.

1.      Italy

If you’re looking for something a bit easier and a bit closer to home, why not try looking towards Italy?

Heading to Rome or Venice can be expensive, so why not explore a less well known city, such as Bologna? There are plenty of larger city terraces, previously home to big Italian families, which can accommodate a multigenerational holiday in cities like this.

View of Italy

Don’t forget to explore the Italian countryside too. Relaxing out in the Italian countryside can be bliss, as the grandparents and parents feast on delicious cured meats, red wine and cheeses, while the kids play in the orchards and fields. Naples and Umbria are most people’s go-to choices, but don’t overlook the fabulous Province of Salerno.

1.      Tanzania

Want to turn the adrenaline up to 11? Why not take the trip of a lifetime and try a family trip up Kilimanjaro?

View of Tanzania

You can organise a tour to climb Kilimanjaro with Exodus, a tour operator that specialise in multigenerational climbing expeditions up the mountain.

Over the course of two weeks, you’ll search for notoriously elusive tree-climbing lions, walk up Kilimanjaro itself, and spend four days exploring the island of Zanzibar. Finally, you can relax in the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

1.      The States

The Midwest offers a complete change of lifestyle than we are used to. Large ranches often open themselves up for holidays, and make the perfect backdrop for large, multigenerational getaways.

A lot of these ranches are located in the Midwest – think Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado to start. Because they’re out in the Midwest, they have plenty of room for activities.

Family in the fields

Keep yourselves amused by trying out fly fishing, woodland walks and hikes, high-ropes, or biking trails.

For those that are looking for a more authentic experience, why not try your hand at something a little more hands on? Cattle round-ups, barrel racing and horseback riding are usually on offer at larger ranches, and can keep both kids and adults entertained for hours.

Then, at the end of the day, there’s room for all generations to hang out together. Most ranches are cosy and rustic, without missing out on many modern luxuries. Just don’t forget your cowboy boots!

1.      Switzerland

Looking for an adrenaline rush, but don’t fancy a warm climate? Why not hop on a short flight to Switzerland and experience all the Alps has to offer?

The obvious activity here is skiing. Switzerland is criss-crossed with amazing ski runs that the family can enjoy, as well as many alpine cafes and bars to relax in.

View of Switzerland

However, there’s much more to do than ski here, which is good news for the grandparents. Get entertained by the beauty of the country’s many glacier parks, while the kids seek bigger thrills with snow tubing or gorge walking.

Don’t forget to explore the history and culture of Switzerland, as you undertake activities like Alpine cheese making, or visiting Switzerland’s beautiful museums.

1.      France

France is a strong contender for any family holidays, due to the relatively short travel times and better climate. But this is one of the best options for those grandparents that don’t want to (or won’t) fly.

Heritage site in France

If you’re a larger family, then fear not. France has plenty of places for big families to stay. Large gîtes and chateaus provide more than enough shelter for the entire family, and they are abundant in southern France. Head towards Bordeaux, the Loire Valley, or Provence for the best views and surroundings.

Even the farthest reaches of France are steeped in history and culture, giving the parents and grandparents something to do whilst the kids explore the many water parks and beaches around.

Vineyard in France