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26 Practical & Beautiful Shower Over Bath Ideas for 2024

70s style shower over bath

Ticking all the bathroom boxes, the multi functional and space saving shower over bath is a classic combination.

The question is, though – how should you style it for your bathroom?

Well, that’s where we come in. Using our expertise and years of experience, we selected 26 shower over bath ideas that you should fall head over heels for. From creative shower curtains to accessible tubs, you’ll find all the inspiration you need below.

1. L-shaped shower over baths

2. P-shaped shower over baths

3. Freestanding shower over baths

4. Shower screen ideas

5. Shower curtain ideas

6. Creative ways to splash-proof the bath

7. Modern shower over bath ideas

8. Shower head ideas

9. Small bathroom shower over bath ideas

10. Accessible shower over bath ideas

L-shaped shower over baths

Thanks to its layout, L-shaped baths save space in the bathroom and offer more room under the shower head. It’s a clever design. Ideal for modern bathrooms, its tetris-like shape allows it to slot nicely into any-sized area, making it suitable for smaller bathrooms, too.

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Best of all? You can say goodbye to whacking your elbows on glass while showering in the tub. With an L-shaped tub, you’ve got more wiggle room to wash. And that’s without sacrificing a corner of your bathroom to a separate shower cubicle.

Check out our favourite L-shaped shower over bath ideas below…

Source: Better Bathrooms

This inverted L-shaped – or as we like to call it, J-shaped – bath is a minimal, monochrome classic. Also, the double panel shower screen (more on those later) cleverly keeps all splashes inside the tub, saving you from hazardous, slippery floors.

Source: Drench

The contrasting tile designs, accented with black pipes and picture frames, results in a smart, warm finish. What’s more, the storage shelf makes clever use of the bathroom’s negative space, while offering a generous area to keep your toiletries.

P-shaped shower over baths

Just like their L-shaped cousins, P-shaped baths afford more shower space than your typical over-bath shower combo. However, thanks to their curved shape, P-shaped tubs have fewer corners to bump into than L-shaped baths, making them generally safer for users of all ages.

You can even find P-shaped baths that have side doors built into the curve – such as our Paradise tub – for even easier access. Below, you’ll find even more P-shaped shower over bath ideas for your inspiration.

Source: Sanctuary Bathrooms

Love bathing in natural light? Don’t we all. Here, the beautiful sash window overlooks the P-shaped tub, bringing fresh air to your lungs and old-school decor to an otherwise modern bathroom. It contrasts eras, textures, and colours. Marvellous!

Source: : DIY.com

Greenery and contrasting tiles – this is one of our favourite P-shaped shower over bath ideas. The plant brings a natural feel, while the dark wall design adds a modern twist. The perfect pairing!

  1. 70s style shower over bath

Source: Drench

Blue honeycomb won’t be for everyone, but we love how it confidently contrasts with the salmon walls in true 70s fashion. And the curved glass partition handle? Perfect. It makes for even easier access in and out the tub, ideal for users with limited mobility.

Freestanding shower over baths

Freestanding baths are independent tubs that don’t have supporting walls. They stand alone, either directly on the floor or mounted on feet.

Luxurious? You bet. Space-saving? Far from it. But that’s the price you pay for the pinnacle of bathtubs. In this section, you’ll find some of the more regal shower over bath ideas that are on our list. That’s because freestanding tubs are, well, simply glorious.

Pexels: Cottonbro Studio

Inside this stripped back bathroom, the freestanding tub is an eye-catching centrepiece. Is the tub easily accessible for elderly or disabled users? Frankly, more so than other freestanding alternatives – the curved shape makes it easier to step in and out, while the 360-degree curtain minimises slippery splashes.


Pexels: Rene Asmussen

Standing on its own four fabulous feet, this freestanding tub sacrifices water depth for a lovely design. What we mean is, this tub isn’t as deep as the previous example in terms of water volume, which is something to consider. Overall, though – it’s fresh, elegant, and stylish.

Shower screen ideas

Shower screens are panes of glass attached to the bathtub and wall, designed to stop water from leaking onto the floor. Using a hinge mechanism, shower screens are minimalist alternatives to curtains, coming in all shapes and sizes.

The most popular style of shower screen is single pane. However, you can install double-panel bifold screens that have a central hinge, allowing you to open and close half the shower screen, rather than the entire panel. The fact you can open just half the screen into the room makes it ideal for smaller bathrooms with tight spaces. We’ve got some brilliant shower screen examples below.

Pexels: Max Rahubovskiy

Black-framed shower screens are really popular. Why? Because they’re minimal yet add bags of style and symmetry to your everyday glass panel.

Photography: Martina Gemmola

This shower over bath idea features the classic single pane, single hinge shower screen. It’s beautiful in its simplicity. In fact, nothing but clear glass would work here. Why draw attention from the glorious gold and marvellous marble?

Source: UK Bathrooms

Here’s a double-panel bifold screen in all its glory. The central hinge allows you to open just half the screen when entering or leaving the tub. Doing so saves space in your bathroom while adding a slight edge in terms of design. Verdict? It’s easily one of the cleverest small bathroom shower over bath ideas we found.

Shower curtain ideas

The humble curtain. Horror films wouldn’t be the same without them, and neither would beautifully vintage bathrooms. But what is their purpose? Simply put, shower curtains hang around the shower to prevent water splashing onto the floor. They’re the original splash proofing device.

While not as contemporary as glass screens, curtains are more flexible. Unlike glass panels, they open and close as far as you like, without swinging into your floor space. They’re also easier to open and close for users with tired joints. And, when fully closed, they make your bathroom look neat and tidy. How lovely.

In terms of shape and style, they can flow parallel to the tub – all the way to the opposing wall. They can also curve around to create a makeshift cubicle, or encircle the tub for an immersive shower experience. Each of which you’ll find below.

Source: Kudos

We’ll admit, it’s more practical than beautiful. But this shower over bath idea features a fully-fledged cubicle, thanks to the semi-circle curtain rail. Pretty clever, right? Better yet, this type of rail saves you from stretching all the way down the tub when opening and closing the curtain. That should be agreeable for elderly or disabled shower-lovers.

Source: Hello Flora

There’s something angelic about this bath. The golden halo? Silky white robes? Either way, you’re in for a heavenly bathing experience. From a practical perspective, the shower curtain neatly encircles the freestanding tub – offering 360-degree splash proofing.

Source: Custom Curtains Beyond

Less heavenly, more seclusive. This shower over bath idea features the classic shower curtain design: a full-length rail with opaque material, affording total privacy when using the shower. We also love that carpet and the harmonising secondary colours.

Creative ways to splash-proof the bath

Does plain glass pain you? Then get creative with your splash proofing. To help you and your thinking cap, we’ve selected some unique ideas below.

Source: VidaXL

You already know about double-pane bifold screens. But triple-pane trifold? Now that’s interesting. With this flexible shower screen, you’ve got even more choice in how much – or little – you’d like to open the screen. It’s creative. It’s different.

Source: InteriorZine

Want a unique shower screen? Then fluted glass should be music to your ears. It’s different from typical frosted glass, adding texture and privacy to your bathroom. We also love the smart, black frame.

Modern shower over bath ideas

Modern bathrooms are typically defined by minimalist layouts, straight lines, and geometric shapes. They’re normally clean and uncluttered. In contrast, vintage bathrooms are usually bright spaces with antique decorations.

Below, we’ve selected three modern shower over bath ideas that best represent that description. How many straight lines and geometric tiles can you spot?

Source: Home Basin

Monochrome is the modern bathroom’s best friend. Why? Because it’s the remedy for contemporary success. The classic colour scheme lends itself well to fresh tiles and geometric floor patterns, as you can see above.

Source: Duravit

As far as modern shower over bath ideas go, this one is very accessible and disabled-friendly. Straight lines? Check. Subtle colour scheme? Yep. Side door for easy access? Yes, it’s the full package. You’ve even got the cityscape view, taking bathtime to breathtaking new heights.

Source: Milano Elswick

Smooth. That’s how we’d describe this bathroom. But how does it achieve this level of texture? Firstly, it uses groutless tiles on the wall. Then, it combines that with a single pane shower screen and large slabs of white tiles on the floor. Overall, this room’s easy to clean and easy to look at.

Shower head ideas

We’ve covered tubs, screens, and curtains. Now? Well, it’s time for the star of the show – the shower head.

Unsurprisingly, the shower head is one of the most important aspects of the shower. It’s the bathroom’s Head of Operations. It’s what transforms your monthly water bill into invigorating mornings and pensive moments. You get the picture.

Picking the right shower head for your tastes and needs is, therefore, essential. As you’ll see from the shower over bath ideas below, there are different designs, colours, and styles to choose from.

Source: The Reno Guide

This is your standard fixed shower head. Except it’s anything but standard-looking. The gold-plating brings elegance, and it complements the white freestanding tub and cream walls very nicely. What this shower head lacks in flexibility, it more than makes up for with regality. Who doesn’t want to shower like a king or queen?

Source: Fido Projects

Bar-mounted, dual shower heads are far more flexible than mounted heads. To that end, they’re ideal for the elderly and disabled needing to sit down, or people who simply enjoy seated showers. Also, the arched piping helps to create a rainfall shower effect, with water falling vertically from above.

Source: West One Bathrooms

This shower over bath idea includes a standard fixed and handheld shower head. Double the heads, double the fun. In this tub, like the previous suggestion, you can shower yourself while seated, thanks to the flexible heads – making it suitable for users who’d prefer to sit or lie down.

Small bathroom shower over bath ideas

Tight on space? No problem. You don’t need to be tight on your budget – or creative flow – in order to enjoy a beautiful over-bath shower.

By combining two washing functions, over-bath showers already save space. So, they’re ideal for small spaces anyway. Whether it’s your converted loft or second bathroom, you’ll find some inspiration for your next creation below.

Source: Bow Bathrooms

No list of small bathroom shower over bath ideas is complete without a loft conversion. It’s one of the most popular types of do-ups there is. As we already mentioned, over-bath showers lend themselves to tight areas. They’re space savers.

As you can see from the example above, you only need enough room to lie down, and enough space to stand up. It’s quite simple, really.

Unsplash: Chastity Cortijo

Small bathrooms can take different forms. This particular shower over bath idea takes advantage of its high ceilings, using white paint on the walls and ceiling, plus a floor-based shower screen that brings your eyes upwards to the sky. It also uses a relatively stubby tub to save width space. Our favourite aspect? It has to be the contrasting wood and ceramic materials.

Accessible shower over bath ideas

You shouldn’t need to bend over backwards to enjoy your shower-over-bath. That’s our ethos, anyway. Whether you need humble handrails or power-assisted seating, you can still enjoy leisurely showers, baths, and washes. You just need the right inspiration.

With that in mind, we used our expertise and experience to select three beautiful and accessible shower over bath ideas below.

Source: Duravit

The low-level side door makes it really easy for you to step in and out of the tub, while the multiple shower heads offer greater flexibility. It’s simple in design but should offer a seamless shower experience.

Source: Living House

Leftover budget to play with? Then this top-of-the-range, accessible shower over bath idea could be just the ticket. We just love the shower screen/side door hybrid that opens inward. This type of hinge will save space in your bathroom and reduce splashes onto the floor, making it less hazardous in the long run.

What’s more, the large seat looks as comfortable as it is user-friendly. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but this bathroom is about as accessible and contemporary as it gets.

  1. hybrid shower screen side door

Source : Bathing Solutions

The previous example featured a hybrid shower screen and side door. However, this example has both, but on separate hinges. It’s a clever design, giving you flexibility to choose between different doors, while keeping your splashes firmly within the tub. You can even carefully lower yourself into the water thanks to the affixed seat.

FAQ: How do you make a shower over a bath look good?

It depends on what you’re after. For a clean, stylish, modern installation, you should consider concealing the pipes behind the wall, swapping circular shower heads for rectangular alternatives, and go for crisp, minimalist tiling.

For vintage bathrooms, you might want to expose your copper pipes, install a freestanding tub with an elegant shower curtain, and place the shower head above the middle of the tub. As you’ve seen from our list of shower over bath ideas, there are many ways to impress visitors.

FAQ: How much does it cost to install a shower over your bath?

This all depends on a variety of factors including your location, the type of shower and fixtures you choose, and whether you plan to do the installation yourself or hire a professional. There are few different types of shower you could elect for. These include but aren’t limited to an electric shower, a mixed shower and a power shower, each of which carry different price points for installation and labour.
Some costs you might incur if you take the professional route:
  • Shower Fixture Costs
  • Plumbing and Electrical Work
  • Labor Costs
  • Tile and Surroundings
  • Permits and Regulations
Premier Care in Bathing can take care of everything for you.