How does a wet room work?

A wet room is a fully waterproof, open plan bathroom – built to make bathing as easy as possible. Wet rooms do away with the usual bathroom obstacles, like shower trays and doors – so you can simply walk into your wet room, turn on the shower and start washing.

To assist drainage, the floor is gently sloped: the gradient guides water towards the drainage point. To ensure your wet room is 100% waterproof, the floors and walls are sealed with a waterproof membrane before the walls are finished with tiles or easy-clean aqua boards.

What are the benefits of a wet room?

There are so many benefits of converting your bathroom into a wet room.

  • Easy access: The lack of obstacles makes wet rooms highly accessible – and much easier for the elderly and those with mobility issues to use. The extra space created by converting your bathroom into a wet room allows wheelchair users to wash without worry and makes it much easier for carers to lend a hand.
  • Future-proof: Another advantage of wet rooms is that they can easily be modified to accommodate for future changes in mobility – so you can rest assured that even if your needs change, your bathroom will keep working for you. Should you need to add a seat or a grab bar under the shower, you can do so at any time with minimal fuss.
  • Space-saver: By getting rid of the bath and/or shower tray, a wet room creates a lot of space – and is a great way to maximize small bathrooms’ potential.
  • Suitable for all: A wet room is ideal for all family members and age groups, with no bathing restrictions at all. The inclusive design means that no user has to compromise and they offer the safest bathing option for everyone.
  • Easy to clean: Wet rooms can be much easier to clean than normal bathrooms, since there is no bath or shower tray to worry about scrubbing. Also, since wet rooms are fully waterproof, cleaning products and water can be quickly and easily applied. A wet room will also reduce the risk of damp and mould forming – you can further safeguard against mould by customising your Premier Care wet room with easy to clean aqua boarding.

Can you turn my bathroom into a wet room?

Yes: no matter the shape or size of your bathroom, our dedicated team of experts will ensure your wet room is installed to perfection. Customers with smaller bathrooms can also install a shower screen or curtain, to ensure that other fittings don’t get wet.

Are wet rooms safe?

At Premier Care, all our wet rooms are equipped with slip-resistant flooring for added safety, especially designed to provide greater grip with an embossed surface texture. We also offer a range of robust grab bars, which can be fitted to suit your needs as well as a choice of folding seats for extra showering comfort.

Can I customise my wet room?

Of course! With our Stimulate wet room, you can choose from a range of mosaic, tile and Lagoon wallboard finishes – and add features including screens, shower doors, splashguards and a CoolTouch thermostatic mixer. When you choose Premier Care, you can be assured of quality workmanship and stylish simplicity.

Get in touch for more information on the Stimulate wet room – the ultimate contemporary bathroom.

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