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Benefits of a protein heavy diet for the elderly

  • In: Health | 14th August, 2018
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We are continuously reminded of how much protein we should all be in taking a day, however it varies across different ages and weights. Protein is particularly important for the over 70s as the body maintains nutrients much less compared to 20 years ago. As we age, our sense of taste and smell diminishes, therefore, it might be harder to maintain a balanced diet.

This widely known research, shows that individuals over 70 tend to consume less protein than the younger age groups. Protein is a vital nutrient for the body to function healthily, as it builds and repairs tissues.

Improve your mood

Protein balances our natural hormones and is in a fact a natural remedy for anxiety. If you tend to suffer from low moods, this is a great boost to uplift your mood (and it doesn’t have to be calorific either). Getting more technical, it balances two of the most important chemicals are hormones produce: dopamine and serotonin.

Keep track of your moods when consuming protein-rich foods, and when you’ve been intaking fewer protein foods. You’ll be able to notice a difference, as you may feel weaker or more irritable than usual.

Blood sugar levels

Protein balances our blood sugar levels, as it has an effect on our blood glucose levels. Additionally, it works as a mechanism to absorb sugar much slower and more readily compared to carbohydrates and fat.

It’s a great preventative measure to avoid type 2 diabetes, as it reduces spikes in your blood sugar levels.

Drink milk!

As children, we are often told to “drink your milk”.

In fact, that is useful life advice as milk is packed with protein and contain bone-building calcium. It’s an amazing protein source to maintain strong bones, and to decrease your chances of any broken bones. If you do unfortunately take a fall, your injured bones will heal much quicker.

More energy

If you’re struggling to wake up in the morning, or feeling more fatigued than usual, your diet might possibly be lacking protein. As protein takes longer to break down than carbohydrates, it provides you with much long-lasting energy. Research shows that by eating more protein-rich foods, you will maintain your appetite whilst beating any sugar cravings.


Overall, protein can help you keep fit as you get older. As we age, our muscles naturally shrink in size. This causes, muscle weakness and our bodies tend to lose its physical strength, which increases the chances of falls and fractures.

How to get more protein?

Old man walking towards grand childrens

It’s advised that you specifically weigh your protein-packed foods, to ensure that you’re consuming the correct amount. However, if you live a more relaxed lifestyle, you can experiment with high sourced protein foods such as chicken, eggs, almonds, oats, milk, yoghurt, milk, beef and tuna.

There are many other high protein foods that you can create a delicious tasty meal, and most importantly be filling.

The benefits of eating more protein are undisputed. If you haven’t done your weekly food shopping, experiment and add some more protein foods to your shopping trolley. Your body will thank you for it later.

We always advise that you consult your GP before drastically changing your diet.