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The Best Ways to Fund Your Traveling In Retirement

  • In: Travel | 27th August, 2019
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Many of us have the dream of hitting the road and finding new adventure during our retirement. Turning this dream into a reality, however, is where people can come unstuck. There are a lot of things that go into forming a good plan for travelling. There are the finances required, the reality of leaving your home and friends and family for a period of time. Another consideration may be your state of health.

By being honest with yourself about what you want, what you feel comfortable with, and how you can make it happen, travelling doesn’t have to remain a pipedream. It’s all about finding the best way for you to strike out on the open road. Or the sunny beach. Or the big city. The choice is yours!

Why travel?

Aside from the obvious fact that travelling can be fun, there are other great reasons to consider taking a trip of some sort during your retirement. It’s said to be a fantastic stress-buster and a great way for you to take stock of your life and think about your future.

It’s also meant to enhance creativity, increase mental resilience, and boost happiness. So, if you’re thinking of penning your first novel or boosting your spirits, there’s no better tonic.

The financial part

As with any fancy, there comes a time when you have to run through the real implications involved. Not least, in this case, the cost to you financially. If this is the one thing stopping you, don’t let it. There are inventive ways to fund your trip and ease the financial burden while you’re away.

Volunteering or working as you go might be one option, and it will give you a great opportunity to meet people in a similar situation to you. These kinds of opportunities can take you to amazing destinations too. Whether that’s Africa, or parts of Latin America, like Peru, or  discovering Asia.

House sitting or swapping houses is another way to knock big expenses on their head. You may even decide to take stock of your outgoings at home, or release equity from your property. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re happy with what each option involves.

Where can your money take you?

Some destinations work out cheaper than others. In countries like Egypt, Argentina, Nepal and Taiwan for example, you may find your money going further. So, with just a few jiggles of your household bills and expenses, you could kickstart a fund towards one of these far-flung places.

Asia tends to be particularly good value, and if relaxation is your thing, islands like Thailand’s Phuket are one of our favourite retirement bucket list locations. Havana in Cuba is a place that will attract many visitors, and for baby boomers who remember its history, it’s a thrill too good to miss. Closer by, Lake Bled in Slovenia is as pretty as a picture and easier to get to if you don’t fancy a long-haul flight.

Do your own destination research

Checking out retirement travel blogs is one of the best ways to dive into a world of possibilities. It has the added benefit of giving you real world feedback from travellers in your situation too. If you have a part of the world in mind, you can start your search for blogs based on that. Or, browse through some of the blogs out there to see what piques your interest. You can also find blogs that focus on useful tips for retirees, as well as inspiration on where to head to.

From road tripping blogs, to widowers travelling the globe, there are relatable news feeds for almost every situation. And there’s nothing better than reading real stories and seeing candid photos to get your imagination flowing and give you a sense of what’s out there.