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5 Wellbeing Retreats to Help Heal Loneliness

  • In: Travel | 27th August, 2019
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Loneliness can take many forms. Whether it follows the death of a spouse, comes from living far away from family, absence of daily contact with friends or even those who have isolated themselves using technology. The lack of social interaction has the same detrimental physical and emotional consequences.

The negative effects of loneliness and social isolation on our health, wellness and longevity are very much well-known. As well as the impact on our mental health, research now shows how chronic loneliness can result in heightened stress hormones and inflammation, leading to illnesses such as dementia, arthritis, heart disease or Type 2 Diabetes. With the growing epidemic of loneliness in the UK, people are looking to find a solution.

The rise of ‘wellness tourism’ in recent years brings a welcome resolution to the problem of loneliness. Solo travel empowers people to step out of their comfort zones and see the world on their own terms, however, you don’t have to do it completely alone.

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With the idea that a holiday isn’t just a holiday, these retreats help individuals to look within, focus on self-care and by doing so they feel confident to reach out to others. We humans are social beings and as such must seek the company of others to ensure we meet all our wellbeing needs.

Many Spa holidays now focus on holding group classes where like-minded people are able to come together, form meaningful relationships and learn as a collective. Finding the right destination is key, however, so we have comprised our top 5 wellbeing retreats to help heal loneliness.

  1. Mountains & Mystics of India

Wellness retreats aren’t always about relaxing in a spa. You may find you need a deeper form of healing and empowerment and there are few better destinations than the spiritual home of India. Intrepid Travel offers a fantastic wellness retreat-style tour, visiting mosques, tombs and other holy sites. This trip allows travellers to immerse themselves in the mystical lands and mountains of India, all in the company of others on the same path of self-exploration.

  1. Kamalaya, Thailand

Located on the stunning island of Koh Samui, Kamalaya Spa is the idyllic destination for those looking to ease their loneliness. The island itself has countless sandy beaches surrounded by coconut trees and coral reefs. Kamalaya Spa is located within a valley overlooking the coast and offers an array of wellness treatments from stress relief and detox, to weight loss, fitness and yoga. What’s more, Kamalaya present ‘Group Life Enhancement’ retreats where guests are encouraged to heal and reflect together. The spa is also home to some of Asia’s top healers, therapists and counsellors, some of whom have previously been monks.

  1. YogaRosa Retreat, Ibiza

Ibiza has established itself in the world of wellness as one of the top destinations to nourish the mind and body. With its core focus on meditation and yoga, the YogaRosa retreat has very much been designed for those travelling solo, however, guests can also enjoy the company of others at the huge communal dining tables on which nutritious, homegrown food is served daily.

  1. The Body Camp, Spain

If you’ve ever tried a group fitness class then you’ll know the great feeling that comes when energy and endorphins are high. Now, imagine enjoying that feeling surrounded by olive and citrus trees in the beautiful Spanish sun. The Body Camp focuses on transforming lifestyles through fitness activities, healthy food and healing massages - the perfect reset for those who need to reboot their mind and body. This retreat promises fun and friendship, whatever your fitness level may be. The activities are based around the whole island, so guests will enjoy the vibes of the towns as well as discover hidden beaches, coves and mountains.

  1. Grayshott Health Spa, UK

For those looking to heal their loneliness closer to home, Grayshott Health Spa should top the list. The cycle of isolation and poor health can become hard to break, but here the experts take charge. Offering a variety of options including a ‘Health Stay’ or ‘Enrichment Retreat’, a wide range of therapists are on hand to support guests with nutrition, personal training, massage and floatation experiences. Healing from within can ultimately help us to live more.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article, and that you have some fresh ideas on places to visit when coping with loneliness. At Premier Care in Bathing, we offer a vast variety of options to greatly improve the accessibility of your bathroom. If this sounds interesting to you, view our range of baths, showers, and luxury wet room options today.