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5 Amazing Retirement Travel Destinations

A smiling tourist who admire the view over the port

Planning Your Retirement

How do you plan to spend your retirement? Today’s retirement landscape looks very different from that of a generation ago. For a start, people are taking flexible retirement or retiring early.

There are plenty of benefits of doing just that. Although finishing work for good can feel like a seismic change, it also opens up new opportunities. While it may feel natural to focus on how your retirement can free up time to do important things, like spending more time with family, there’s a whole world out there. In fact, taking the time to plan something for yourself is the most rewarding way to kickstart and spend your retirement.

Getting specific advice and doing your research before you start planning your trip will put your mind at ease and give you all the information you need. Considering things like your finances, and travel options to fit with any accessibility needs and comfort levels are a must.

Single travellers

There are ways to enjoy travelling the world solo, with as many options for exploration as those who are coupled up. Group tours are a safe way to experience travelling as a group, whether you’re holidaying as a single traveller or not. There’s a range of specialised tour operators and cruise operators out there catering in trips for retirees, so you have the security and the freedom to strike out on your own adventure.

Single travellers, groups of friends or couples, there’s no limit to how you should experience your dream locations. So, here’s our pick of the most amazing retirement travel destinations to get your imagination flowing.

Koh Samui, Thailand

Visiting far-flung continents can be tricky with annual holiday allowances to plan around. As a retiree, this is one big problem solved. If you’ve been hankering for somewhere exotic and warm, Thailand is a place that will delight on all levels. The other-worldly scenery of Koh Samui is just one example of Thailand’s picture-perfect network of islands. Plus, if you’re in need of some TLC, the fabulous Emotional Balance and Freedom Retreat is based right there with you.

Orlando, US

Jet-setters mark this down as one of your top retirement destinations. Orlando has long been a retiree favourite for both holidays and for settling down. Apart from being a highly accessible city, it also packs in big attractions, an explosion of multi-cultural sights, venues and restaurants, and beautiful national parks. Perfect for single travellers too, something like a cruise and stay package will enable you to get to know other single travellers on the boat over and plan excursions together.

Peru, South America

Peru has a big expat community for a reason. Living expenses are low, quality of life is high, and the people are known for their friendliness. Then there’s the beautifully warm climate, and the world-renowned sights, like Machu Picchu and the Amazon Rainforest. From bustling cities, delectable cuisine and sweeping beaches, there’s something here for everyone.

French Riviera, France

The dreamlike vistas of the Cote d’Azur are much easier to reach than some other global destinations, making it a perfect choice for someone looking for sun, sea, and not so much of a plane ride. Glamourous cities like Nice and Cannes are easily reached, along with Monaco. To experience places like Nice to the fullest, be sure to check out quintessentially French sights like the local markets and the Old Town.

Samos, Greece

Ancient culture, healthy Mediterranean cuisine and balmy temperatures outside the summer months make destinations in Greece a no-brainer. And Samos is one of our favourites, with its quiet, laid-back feel, postcard-worthy beaches, lush, green backdrops and pretty villages. There are daily flights from Athens across the year too, making it as easy to reach as it is as pleasant to stay.