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7 amazing retreats for over 50s


Life can sometimes reach a frenetic pace, leaving you feeling exhausted and in need of a break. If this is a familiar feeling, then it might just be time to indulge in a relaxing holiday retreat, whether for you alone or with your significant other.

From a soothing countryside stay in England to a transformative awakening escape in Sri Lanka with yoga and wellness exercises, we have put together a lift of amazing retreats that is sure to delight.

1. Breathing Space retreat, Lanzarote

This retreat mainly comprises on breath work and how it can change the way you live. The retreat facilitator Alan Dolan has nearly 10 years’ experience running workshops worldwide.  Alan is an advocate that the right breath work technique, will have you feeling energised and renewed. “Some people find it a deeply spiritual experience, others simply love the energy it gives them to tackle each day”

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2. Transformative Spring Awakening Retreat, Sri Lanka

This beautiful retreat might be just over 5000 miles away from home, but it promises to be worth the travel. Expect daily yoga sessions, wellness treatments, lifestyle talks and much more.

If you’re at a time in your life where you need to find clarity and freedom of thought, this retreat might just give you the surroundings to help you. The programme will be managed by the founder of Sen Wellness, alongside with yoga and workshop teachers.

3. Emotional balance and Freedom retreat, Thailand

Did you know that Thailand is the 20th most populated country in the world, coming close to 67 million people? It attracts tourists by the millions every year, but there is so much more to Thailand than just the sand and sea. This 6 nights retreat consists of personal mentoring sessions, massages, holistic fitness activities and much more.

4. Essential Ayurveda, England

Looking for a retreat a little closer to home? Ayurveda may be able to provide just what you’re seeking. It promises a personal journey for deep exploration on “self” to rediscover and unlock the wisdom within.

According to the retreat package, Ayurvedic wisdom teachers the “art” of conscious living. Whether this retreat completely transforms the way you live day to day, or you learn a thing or two about yourself it’s worth booking your seat at the table.

5. Silver Linings retreat, Menorca

The Silver Lining’s retreat is a four-day programme, in the beautiful sunny Menorca. You’ll be supported by a team of specialists in different fields such as nutrition and yoga. Your individually tailored programme will focus solely on your personal wellness needs, to kickstart your renewed approach to life.

6. Serenity retreat, Greece

This retreat is perfectly tailored for solo travellers who like to venture out in the world alone. It’s only 3.5 hours from the UK, and a 40-minute transfer from the airport to embark on your serenity retreat. You’ll experience guided meditation by the sea with an expert meditation practitioner, and on-site holistic treatments.

7. Amanda Hamilton Wellbeing retreat, Marbella

This retreat promises to give your overall health and wellbeing a boost. If detoxing is foreign to you, you’ll be guided with safe hands on how to cleanse your body. This retreat is not only practical, but it’s also educational to teach you how to care for you body in the present and for the following years to come.

You’ll have an opportunity to have one-to-one consultations regarding nutritional health, personalised treatments and much more.

We hope we’ve given you an inside look on the range of available retreats worldwide. In this fast-paced age, we live in, it’s important to take some time out and “check-in” with ourselves. With many different stressful situations, we must tackle at home embarking on a retreat is an opportunity to get away to dive deep “within”.

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