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How the Hydrovescent spa massage can ease arthritis symptoms


At Premier Care In Bathing, we specialise in walk-in baths that include Hydrovescent spa massage. Let's look at the benefits and the options in more detail.

What is Hydrovescent spa massage?

Hydrovescent spa massage is a bathing system that releases a series of water streams into your bath. The streams of water are gentler than a jacuzzi and are designed to help your muscles relax and reduce inflammation. The heat of the bath and the soft Hydrovescent massage will relax tight muscles and ease any pain around joints. Hydrovescent's soothing effect is not the only benefit; you the technology also works to help with mental health and reduce stress. It's like having your very own spa, all in the comfort of your own home. Take a look at your Hydrovescent spa massage options and find your perfect new bath.

The Ellipse Walk-in Bath

The Ellipse features an ergonomically designed powered reclining seat to ease you into the warm water gently. Once in the water, you'll be enjoying a full-length bathing experience and our Hydrovescent spa massage system. The luxury spa treatment of the Ellipse means you have the option of being massaged by bubbles with a variety of attractive lighting options or soothing sounds. The Ellipse is a place to soak for hours.

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Add an extra level of safety to your bathing experience

All the baths we offer at Premier Care In Bathing are walk-in. A walk-in bathtub means you can safely enter and exit the tub with reduced fear of falling due to the low-level access. Another safety feature available with all our walk-in baths are grab rails. Depending on your requirements Premier Care In Bathing will install grab rails at major movements points to help you stay safe in the bathroom.

Keep Your Independence

A walk-in bath, such as the Ellipse, can help you retain your independence in later years. Independence in the home can be more challenging if you have arthritis, which is why our designers and engineers do everything possible to ensure we are meeting your personal needs.

Traditional bathroom options are hard to use if you're mobility is limited. Not only will this be a cause of frustration, but it can also be a painful and dangerous experience. However, at Premier Care In Bathing we know that not everyone wants a walk-in bath, this can be due to personal preference or lack of space - a common bathroom problem. Our range of walk-in showers are fantastic alternatives to a walk-in bath. A choice of seating is available in all our options, which means you'll still be able to enjoy the experience even if you're not able to stand for long periods.

If you’re interested in hydrotherapy or a walk-in bath, take a look at our wide range of options. Alternatively, browse our walk-in showers.