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How the Chromotherapy system can help you connect with your chakras


Chakras are essentially energetic points in our bodies, that can be activated with different energy flows. There are few scientific studies to prove whether it’s real, but yogi’s all over the world regularly use it as a guide for their meditation practices.

Our Chromotherapy system is an ancient natural treatment that uses light waves to enhance your wellbeing. Chromotherapy practitioners believe that natural light waves benefit the entire body to create a positive effect on our glands, cells, organs and muscular tissue.  Our innovative system creates a range of different colours and benefits. The chakra system is associated with different colours, that can activate these energetic points in the body.

Root Chakra - Red

This is the first chakra in the chakra system. The colour red symbolizes strength and our vitality. This chakra focuses on grounding ourselves and connecting with the earth. If you feel like your energy is running low, select the red colour feature on the chromotherapy system and you may feel more rejuvenated as you soak in the bath.

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Sacral chakra - Orange

If you place your hand on your stomach, that is where your sacral chakra is located. Its primary task is to balance our moods and emotions, and the colour orange is the best stimulant for our senses. Colour psychology suggests that orange is a mood booster and extra soothing.

Solar Plexus - Yellow

The colour yellow has some “healing” elements that symbolizes positivity and warmth. It’s in between the naval and the lower part of the chest. Whenever we’re feeling like not expressing one’s self, it suggests that the solar plexus isn’t in flow, and may be “blocked” On the other hand, when your personal power is balanced, you’ll feel assertive and self-assured.

Heart Chakra - Green

Green is often associated with earth and nature. Yogi’s globally believe that green represents abundance and prosperity. Our heart chakra is the midpoint in the chakra system, and represents love and relationships. Relationships makes us feel connected to life, and maintaining harmonious connections has enormous positive effects on our mental health.

Throat chakra – Blue

When we’re verbally expressive with those around us, our throat chakra energy flow is working efficiently. Nevertheless, when it’s “blocked” we feel as though are views hold little value, and we’re unable to listen to others.  The blue feature on the Chromotherapy system may help to improve your communication and listening skills.

Third eye Chakra – Indigo

This chakra is one of the most “spiritual” chakras in the system, it is said to connect our spiritual selves. Located between in the brows, it’s known for being the main source of our spiritual essence. Faith, perseverance and insight are all associated with the third eye chakra, giving us the awareness to see purpose in all things. Colour psychology suggests that indigo, is a great colour to make us feel more relaxed state of mind.

Crown chakra – Yellow

A well balanced “crown chakra” allows us to be present and open to any changes that come our way. Spiritualists often say that living in the present is the key to a happier life. The colour yellow gives us a burst of hope, optimism and joy.

Experience the Chromotherapy system bath feature and experience a lifetime of relaxation and bliss. Experiment with different colours and make a note of how they make you feel. If you’re drawn to a particular colour, and it helps to enhance your mood, take a look into the chakra colour it’s related to. Explore our walk-in baths to find the match for you and request a free brochure here.