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The best apps for Diabetics

Mobile Application for Diabetics

With over 29 million people living with diabetes, it is no surprise that there are hundreds of apps available to help monitor and record your activity, while also easing up the stress of managing everyday life.

But with so many apps available, how do you know which apps are best for you?

We’ve had a look around the App Store and Google Play to gather together 5 of the best apps available to help take control of your diabetes.

#1 MySugr Coach

Available for: iOS and Android

Star rating: 5* iTunes | 4.5* Google Play

MySugr Coach

The mySugr app is a great management app which holds all of your useful information together in one place. It is very easy to navigate and displays your synced BGs, estimated A1c, and CGM data in one easy-to-use practical function.

This app is currently used and loved by 1 million people with diabetes and is a class 1 medical device in the US and EU. If you are looking for an app to ease the pressure, and offer an easy and practical way for you to manage and monitor your diabetes, this is the app for you!

#2 MyFitnessPal

Available for: iOS and Android

Star rating: 4.5* iTunes | 4.5* Google Play

MyFitnessPal helps monitor your diet by logging everything you eat on a day-to-day basis. It is a highly practical app which keeps you focused and is easy to use.

You simply scan your product into the database and the nutritional information will be automatically added into your calorie-counter. MyFitnessPal has over 6 million foods logged in the database so you are guaranteed to find the correct food product every time. For diabetes management, this app is perfect to keep track of your diet and help you identify what food groups your body is missing to stay healthy.

#3 OneDrop

Available for: iOS and Android

Star rating: 4.5* iTunes | 4* Google Play

This free award-winning app is loaded with features to help you easily track all of your glucose, meds, food and activity data in one place. OneDrop provides you with daily, weekly and monthly stats showing you how far you’ve come and your future goals.

The app also has a built-in food database, carb counter, a community map to log your moment, plus a world-class Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose monitoring system. The app can also sync to multiple devices including Apple Watches. OneDrop is certainly a strong contender for the best all-round diabetes app at the moment!

#4 DiabetesConnect

Available for: iOS and Android

Star rating: 5* iTunes | 4.5* Google Play


Diabetes Connect has outstanding reviews across both iOS and Android. The interface is displayed in a diary format so all of your diabetes-related data is displayed in a practical and easy way. Your blood sugar, meals, insulin injections, medications, and much more important data can be synced across multiple devices. If you prefer viewing your statistics and charts away from your phone, DiabetesConnect also has a web portal where you can export all of your data there.

This app really shows itself as being an app developed by diabetics for diabetics, and hopefully it can work for you too!

#5 Glooko

Available for: iOS and Android

Star rating: 3.5* iTunes | 4* Google Play

The final app to shout out is Glooko. This app is a diabetes management system, but it stands out from the others as Glooko includes integration across lots of popular health and fitness apps including FitBit, Moves, iHealth and Strava meaning all of your activity can be automatically inputted, monitored and reported.

This is a great app if you find you don’t have a lot of time to input, for example, your blood pressure and weight data on a day-to-day basis – this app does that all for you!

What are your experiences with these apps? Have you come across a useful app that we haven’t mentioned, we’d love to know! Drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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