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Prepare your home for your golden years

getting your home ready for older life

As navigating the way around your home becomes more difficult, preparing your home to be as safe and convenient as possible has never been more important.

Here are some ways to help support an easier and safer lifestyle at home in your golden years.

#1 Declutter your home

Decluttering your home is a great way to remove any possessions that have been stored in restricted places and may be more challenging to reach. You may also find that you need more room to move about the house, so in this instance, decluttering can really help to free up space and reorganise essential furniture items in the best layout for you. If you are unsure on how best to declutter you home, here are some handy guidelines.

As we get older, mobility can become more challenging. If you have difficulties with climbing up or down stairs it may be time to consider moving all of your essential facilities, like the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, downstairs so you can limit your regular need to venture upstairs.

#2 Balance support

Removing all loose mats and rugs, which can be trip hazards, are a great way to take the first steps in adapting your home. Also ensuring that all cords and wires have been moved away from the floor, and carpet edges are secured can help prevent trips and falls.

Installing handrails on staircases, in the kitchen or in bathrooms, to help getting in and out of the shower, can also offer extra stability throughout the home.

#3 Home assistance

There are devices that can help regulate and automate different activities in the home. Smart devices are designed to help all of us around the home to live more efficiently and safely.

The Internet of Things consists of lots of different devices, suited to adapt to your needs and help you out around the home.

For instance, Amazon Dash buttons are a simple and easy way to ensure you never run out of any of your daily necessities. They are delivered straight to your door from the push of a button!

There are also smart devices available to help reduce the cost of bills by optimising and automating your heating and hot water schedules such as The Next Learning Thermostat.

#4 Easy access

The loss of balance and mobility can make it more challenging to wash and bathe. However, practical solutions such as low-level access showers and walk-in baths can provide an alternative solution to bathing safely in a comfortable and stylish environment.

Getting into your home can also sometimes cause difficulties, so ensuring that all of the entrances to your home are clear and supportive is crucial. Start by cutting away and shrubs which could interfere with a path or doorway, but also consider installing handrails for extra support, especially if you a required to step up into your home.

#5 Light

Lighting can help you move around inside and outside of your home easily and safely. Installing motion sensors at the entrances of your home can help your home feel more secure and also assist you with entering your home in the most comfortable way for you.

Adding timers to some of your interiors lights, such as next to your bed, the hallway or bathroom can also be a useful tool to help ease accessibility around your home.

These four ways are just a few of many that can help support an easier and safer lifestyle at home. If you would like more information on how Premier Care in Bathing can you prepare for your golden years, feel free to give us a call.