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5 travel podcasts you will get hooked on


The stories of wanderlust makes you feel like you can almost see, smell and feel the countries and events. Below you'll find our top five travel podcasts, we hope you'll enjoy listening to them.

The Rough Guide to Everywhere

Rough Guides are experts in the travel field; it's likely you'll have read one of their travel guides before, so it’s no surprise that they have one of the leading podcasts. However, this is not so much a travel guide but an insight into people from around the world. The focus is very much telling untold and inspirational stories from different corners of the globe. There so far, hasn't been a new episode in 2019, but the back catalogue is still available, and the stories are a timeless enjoyment.

Zero to Travel Podcast

Travel expert Jason Moore has been exploring the world non-stop for the past 15 years and shares his experiences and those of other travellers in his weekly podcast, Zero to Travel. The subject matter is as varied as the countries he has visited. Whether it's a fantastic interview with a traveller that he met on the road or tips on how to budget and travel safely, this podcast is always a great listen.

Women Who Travel

From Conde Nast Traveller editors Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey, Women Who Travel discusses what it's like travelling the world as a woman. It discusses the realities of travel, from everything from travelling challenges and scary moments to food, hospitality and adventure and earning a living as a travel journalist. A massive range of topics get covered, and Lale and Carey's aim is to deliver the content in a fun and informative manner.

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

A podcast designed to share peoples love of travel. Host Amanda Kendle talks to those who have fantastic travel stories and what the experiences teach about life. You'll hear about learning to use the native language, immersing in the local culture, getting lost and having those experiences that become memories for life. This podcast is dangerous as you end the episode wanting to leave home and head straight for the airport.

Excess Baggage

On old one but a good one. Excess Baggage is a BBC Radio 4 podcast that aired between 2010 - 2012, but still offers plenty of enjoyable listening for any travel fan. Host John McCarthy discusses travel destinations across the world from a variety of standpoints. Art, culture and history are just a few of the subjects that come up alongside interviews and discussions with a variety of guests.

Podcast are booming now more than ever. Whether you listen to them on your daily commute or just to relax in the bath there’s something out there for everyone. There are of course plenty other travel podcasts available that cover all variety of subjects, but we hope the above five will set you on the path