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What’s the future of bathroom design?

bathroom design

Chromotherapy and Mood lighting

It’s the time of year where we yearn for daylight, as the darkness falls upon us at a quicker rate. The amount of daylight we are exposed to day to day can affect our moods, and mood lighting may have a counter affect. Studies have shown that there are direct links to colour and the impact it has on our moods. Red is shown to make the heart beat at a faster rate, whilst yellow invokes warmth and feelings. Chromotherapy incorporates underwater lighting to have the optimum bathing experience, as it relaxes your mood.

Voice control

Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular, as it becomes intertwined with our everyday lives. According to ComScore, 50% of all searches will be done by voice by 2020. Voice activated tech for instance, has the potential to add an extra level of independence for many users. With those who have limited mobility, voice command is available the tap’s water temperature or open the bath door. Interestingly, in a questionnaire more than 1 in 10 consumers say they would like voice commands for their toilet.

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Haptic technology

Little is known about haptic technology, however if you keep your eye on design trends, you’ll see it becoming a staple in the housing design market. Essentially, it can change the way the floor feels under foot. The bathroom user can step out of the shower or bath and select the type of flooring they would like to use. For example, the floor can mirror the feeling of soft sand or cold snow.

Health conscious

Future thinker Matthias Horx led a study to see what consumers envisioned the bathroom industry to look like in 2034. The results from nearly 1110 respondents showed that almost half of the participants would like to have a bathroom with health-oriented features to check in on their physical well-being. For example, a smart mirror may be able to store the users weight and remind them to take any medication.

Completely Eco-friendly

The environment is a global concern, and more and more products are being designed to cut down on emissions and waste. Saving water is the most obvious ways we can conserve resource, and save money. Designers and architects are being more mindful of using sustainable materials to reduce waste consumption. Bathroom users will feel much more comfortable knowing that their bathroom isn’t causing harm to the planet. We can all be bathroom designs will adhere to allow that to grow.

With new inventions and technology slowly emerging into the market, we can see that smart technology and eco-friendly design is the main focus. For now, we can expect bathrooms to be more of an important feature in the home, as it’s often a safe haven for many after a long day. It’s important that bathroom designs adapt to the user’s needs, keeping accessibility and inclusivity at the heart of the design.

The future of bathroom composition is very exciting, and there is a lot to look forward to. Here at Premier Care in Bathing, we offer highly accessible and modern bathing options. Take a look at our range of mobility-friendly baths, luxury showers, and stylish wet rooms if these are of interest to you.